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I am so Stressed!

I am so stressed. This is due to the Lock down and especially Online Classes taken by our college. The lock down has totally disturbed my routine and now I have to wake up early for 3 and a half hour non-stop online classes for all Sciences subjects i.e Physics, Maths and Chemistry altogether with out even a break.
This has caused me stressed.
I hope being a part of Fiverr Family you will help and understand me!!


I totally get you. I get stressed a lot when I have many orders or only just a hard one. I have a lot of anxiety and sometimes it gets really bad because I am afraid I can’t deliver a high quality work. At the moment I am a little bit stressed because I was used to get my orders accepted first time I send them and I am getting an order that is now on the 2nd revision and I am scared I won’t be able to satisfy the client. I hate to deliver work I don’t think is up to my quality and I start doubting myself when they ask me for revisions. My client has been incredible and I want to give him a great piece but until the moment he accepts my deliver I will be stressing a lot!
Good luck and :muscle:t3: :muscle:t3:

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Thanks for the motivation. I hope your client will accept the work this time.

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Hi Jawwusolver!
I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling stressed. Unfortunately these are strange times, and the pandemic has had a huge impact on our daily life and routine.
If I understood correctly, your stress seems to be caused mainly by the disruption in your routine. I totally get that. I am a creature of habit and I find changes very destabilising.

Speaking from a personal experience, I would say that the best approach is to try and adapt to your new schedule. I know it seems a dumb answer, but when you have no choice is probably the best approach. It might be a good idea to build a new temporary routine around your current schedule. (E.g. if you have to wake up earlier than usual and do a lot of work in the morning, try to get some free time in the late afternoon / evening). Also, it’s important not to be too strict with ourselves. The good news is that it will only be temporary, so you don’t have to think at this situation as permanent! :slightly_smiling_face: