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I am Still hireless

I create my first gig in April 10. But still I have no order. Please, give me the suggestions.

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**Bro don’t get frustrated. i am also still hireless and didn’t got any order. i am also waiting my first order from a month. please don’t loose your hopes and improving yourself everyday. **

hope for the best ready for the worst.

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Can i check you gig ?

sure, you can check it.
Here is my gig link

Please give me your gig link

Check bro, I gave you the link in previous reply.

I have seen your gig and profile.I think all is ok.But i want to a suggest that you are gig description is too long so you can write valuable short description.

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Its been 2 month same bro,Still wait patience

you improve your skills and active on fiver on 24hrs…you can share also your gig in social media

We’re on the same boat my friend, but don’t lose hope, believe that something good will come soon. Cheers! :smiley:

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don’t feel worry. Try to hard work and share your gig to your social channel.
I hope you will get job very soon.
And try to complete 10 bids.
thank you