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I am still not confident enough


I had two of my gigs denied stating tos violations. I really don’t know the exact reason why the second gig was denied. The reason CS said had nothing to with that gig and was totally unrelated. I thought a competitor might be trying to block my gigs by reporting.

So I paused all my gigs in fear of getting my account suspended.

It is about three weeks from that time and I thought try again with a new gig. Still I am not very confident and really worry about getting my account suspended.

Can you guys take a look at my gig and see for any possible violations of TOS? And any other suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance,

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at first glance your gig seems ok but I can’t be sure
for example you can use the description of another seller (I’m sure it’s not your case but it’s an example) or copyrighted picture…

the description correspond to the category, everything is explained… for me I can’t see any problem

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The picture is from a free for commercial use image archive. And I wrote the text on my own.

I also submitted to CS but they haven’t teplied yet.

Thank you for yor feedback :slight_smile:

I was sure of that :slight_smile: and even if it was a copyrighted picture or a stolen description, this is probably not something verified when gigs are accepted or denied

now let’s wait for the CS feedback :slight_smile:

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