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I am struggling with getting order's this month


I have been working hard and made 120-130 $ on Fiverr with my music production and podcast editing gigs in January but for Feb I have only made 35 the whole month I do not know what is going on but I am not getting as many order’s I did in January I am doing exactly the same thing bidding on buyer request’s giving the same concise responses but the people that do contact me end up choosing another seller.Or not getting back to me at all after saying they will order


Hello @aplmusic ,

Try to make a long term relationship with your buyer always provide something extra to you buyers to make them happy . try to send all 10 buyer request in a day but it does not matter how may proposals you send its depend on the quality of proposal try to. Add your work sample in your proposal and guaranteed them you will with him until they completely satisfied i hope it will help you :blush:

Thank you