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I am stuck, I can't do anything

Hi !

Around 2 weeks ago, business was good. I had multiple orders in and I was working on them. However, I got into personnal issues and I didn’t have time for one smaller order. Me and the buyer agreed to cancel, and I told him I would do it when I had more time. I know I should have just extended the delivery, but I cancelled and it is now too late.

The problem is, I didn’t have 10 orders. By cancelling 1 order, my cancellation rate with stay under 90% until I make 10 orders completely.

The issue is that I am not getting any buyer the traditional way. Maybe because the cancellation rate got me lower into the ranking ? Maybe it is the unfair bad review I got from someone who tried to scam me…

Anyway, I usually get most of my orders with Buyers Request. However, you can’t make any buyers request with a cancellation rate under 90%.

So now, I am stuck. I have no way to get my cancellation rate up because I don’t have orders. I can’t have orders, because my gig isn’t ranking well (partly because of my cancellation rate) and I can’t make buyers request because my cancellation rate is too low.

Sharing on social media is not an option. I don’t have followers on Twitter, Facebook, etc, that would need any of my services.

What can I do ?

Thank you for your time !

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Oh, boy. That’s tricky
I don’t know if that’s allowed, but if you’ve got the patience to do it all over again I say make a new account. Delete this one and create a new one, maybe they even let you use the same username
But that would mean start from zero. I wouldn’t mind as it means I’d be able to get jobs again, but that’s up to you

If not… Maybe an email to Staff would help you? I don’t think they would reset you cancellation rate, but they could offer more valuable directions

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I’d check the message it’s giving you when you go to the buyer requests page. The issue could be that your rating is stopping you from going to the buyer requests (just because of 1 review). If it’s the rating that is stopping you from going to the buyer request page, because it’s under around 4.6 average based on the last 60 days, even if you don’t get more reviews, after a certain amount of time that low rated order will go outside the 60 day window and the average for the last 60 days should increase which I think should allow access to buyer requests (if it’s only based on avg rating in the last 60 days).

Even if it takes completion rate into account for access to BR (which I don’t think it does) I don’t think that would be a problem after a certain amount of time when all the cancelled orders are outside the 60 day window.

Until you can access the BR page you could promote your gigs to try to increase orders. Such as on the forum or off the site. Or if you think it necessary you could do as suggested and contact CS if you wanted to close an account and open a new one, but that shouldn’t be necessary (though it could help if a review would stop you from getting more orders and could help access BR earlier).