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I am stuck in this very bad situation

Hello! My name is ZainSaeed :slight_smile:

I am stuck in this very bad situation and I hope you guys will help me here :slight_smile: I’ll be very very thankful!

I received this order 1 May 2019 and in 20days I complete his website! but he wants me to increase delivery time and extend to 1 August! 2 months ago I already received a warning because of same situation buyer want me to increase delivery time and it was my mistake to cancel the order instead of extending delivery time!

after the warning, I lost TRS badge and I am really really worried about this order because I am facing again the same situation I don’t want to repeat any mistake again and this time (refuse to increase delivery time )

His website is complete and he also very satisfied with the end result but he also mentioned that he has more content that needs to be added in the website! that’s y he wants more time! and I extended again and again

Now please help me with that what I should do in this case! :frowning: he is not even sending me any response in order and now the order is on late delivery :frowning:

I don’t really know why you got the warning for canceling the order and Fiverr probably aren’t going to want the delivery date extended to 90 days. It’s probably best to contact CS for the best thing to do if cancelling got a warning last time.


You are being scammed. Your buyer has no intention of paying you. Either they will tell CS that you have not delivered their order, (It looks like this because you keep requesting to extend the delivery time.) Or they will file a chargeback and get their money back that way.

Extending delivery time is a tool available to sellers to ask for more time when they need it. Your buyer is abusing this function.

Personally, I’d cut my losses and send a request to cancel the order. There is no scenario where this is going to work out well for you.

If all work completed according to your deal then ask customer support to solve your issue mentioned them all work has been done if he need more work then he needs to pay me again in future also approve that order.


Did you take screenshots during the process of building the website. Like Day 1, Day 1 Day 3, etc to show progress? If yes, then contact CS for support and show them the shots. I wouldn’t just cancel an order after putting 20 days or work into something. I would at least fight for what’s mine first. If all seems lost, then cancel and be sure to keep in-progress records next time.

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