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I am stuck my gigs are not getting orders , or views

Hello ! I am an logo designer I have started fiverr like a month ago . I have 2 gigs still no view , no orders , nothing . I have tried promoting on social media but does not work . please help me . After promoting on social media i still dont have views . feel free to check out my page if you are interested in logo design.

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Maybe freelancing is not for you?


I couldn’t find your name as it is on Fiverr Forums. Could this be it - mdahmed866

There are A lots of Logo design gigs. If you know some thing unique Create some more gigs.
And Keep sending the buyer requests.

Take advantage of all 7 gigs. Since you do designs, maybe podcast cover art? And make sure your thumbnails look good also.

my name on fiverr mdtahmed and a car profile. Please check it out if you can it would mean alot to me .

i am trying but nothing is working , i created a few gigs and i had like 3 ppl reach out to me but no orders.

Thank you for the information ! Please check out my page on fiverr it would mean a lot to me mdtahmed with a car profile logo.

Be optimistic and never lose hope .diffinitely you will get order .

very bad!!! i think this issue is not suitable here. please read forum rules and conditions …

Have you tried SEO for your gig title, description and keywords.
Also make sure as a beginner you are well priced. Increase price as you rise to other levels.
Finally I would encourage you to find ways to get more reviews and impressions. You can get more impression by posting on social media e.g Facebook groups, linked in communities, Instagram and creating YouTube videos that direct traffic back to your fiverr profile or gigs.The more organic impressions you have, the more orders will come through.