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I am suspecting a Buyer fraud


So here are some details of a project I just completed. The buyer asked me to reskin his Unity game. He said he had multiple projects so he is looking for a low price first up. I told him I will do the first one for $35 and then we can see how things go.

In the order requirements he clearly stated he wants me to just add all the graphics and send back the project. He asked me how much I would charge if he wants Ad integration, IAP integration, Facebook etc as well and I told him the cost would be $80 for all those features.

He said ok let’s just do the graphics part, in $25. I agreed. I re-skinned the game and sent him the project after adding new graphics. After checking everything he now asked me to include the Ads as well to which i reminded him of our initial deal and he started saying stuff like if you do this we can have long term collaboration etc etc, and if i don’t do it he won’t mark the project as complete.

He hasn’t marked the order as complete yet, and I think he will wait till the 3 day period is close to ending and then request revisions.

What am i to do?

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any help please? it seems like i do not have any option but to give in to his blackmail and hope he completed the order once i’ve done this extra bit of work

You only posted your initial question 40 minutes before your followup, do be patient and allow people time to read your question and decide if they want to reply. Most people only come on the forum once or twice a day at most.

As to your question;

If you provided what was requested in the agreement between you and the buyer, then you’ve done what you’re supposed to do. You’re jumping to quite a lot of conclusions here - correct me if I’m wrong, but the buyer hasn’t requested a revision, or initiated a refund? So at this point, you’ve nothing to worry about. Many buyers will simply take the work and allow the order to auto-complete. Where’s the benefit to the buyer of waiting until the 3 day point? If he/she wanted to initiate a refund or revision, they could do it immediately. Try not to worry about it. And ultimately, until the buyer does do something against the rules of Fiverr, there’s nothing you can do anyway.

Unfortunately, you fell for two of the most commonly used manipulation techniques in the book here, so if your buyer does want to rip you off, you’ve made it easy for them.

Never drop your rates for the first project. Buyers who ask you to do this will not pay you more money in the future. They will either pressure you to work for the same rate (or cheaper), or go and find someone else and pull the same tactic on them. Create your rates that you’re happy with, then defend them. Don’t be bullied into going cheap.


Thanks for the very informative reply. I’ll see how i can handle this best

Update: a day has passed. In the morning the buyer said he will mark the order as complete at night.

Come night he messaged me to integrate Firebase in the game for a $2 bonus. This was never discussed before. None of my gigs has anything about firebase. He is asking for this AFTER I delivered the work.

I respectfully declined and asked him to complete this order and open a new order for the new work. He said ok sure and then vanished again.

I think he will wait till the 3 day period is close to ending and then send a cancellation request for the order.

What am I to do?

In my experience fiverr support sides with buyers in such cases and that’s why buyers continue to do this. Any advice?

As @cubittaudio said, stop panicking and worrying about stuff that didn’t happen yet.
One step at a time.
Oh and never ask your buyer to complete the order. Just state to him that you did everything as agreed and all new requirements he wants to add will be at additional cost (you can even make a screenshot at the bottom of the requirements in a small letters that he agreed that info provided is correct and all additional changes might be an extra charge)

Don’t overthink “what if” you are describing too many scenarios and actions will be completely different for them.

But the crucial thing for you is to learn communication skills as without them it will be quite difficult to deal with this kind of buyers.

For now just wait, don’t write to them unless they ask you something, don’t ask them to complete the order because it will mark itself as a complete itself and if not then you’ll come back here for an advise based on the actions your buyer took not what he supposedly might do.


hey, I am also suspicious about a buyer. I sent him offer by buyer request. As my account is new and doesn’t has reviews so he inboxed me and gave me a topic to write about it. Justifying it by saying that he will place an order if he like my writing skills. he is also new to Fiverr. I am new to Fiverr please guide me. Is it allowed or against Fiverr policy? Please respond early.

Well first of all it’s not polite to hijack someone else topic, you can create your thread for a discussion or if you need help.

Secondly please read again fiverr TOS and help page, it’s all explained there how fiverr works and that all work starts only after placing an order. Even a small sample can be a small 5$ order.

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thanks a lot for the response. And yeah, I also felt awkward interrupting someone’s thread. But I saw your recent comment. So I thought you would respond instantly. Sorry again

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Your panic state is making ME nervous. Calm down and let whatever happen run it’s course. There isn’t anything you can do about anything at this point. You delivery what was required, wait until it auto completes and chill the heck out.