I am thinking about leaving Fiverr



Last few weeks i really cant see reason why should i stay here and sell services.

Search is not working for past few weeks, Fiverr is ignoring it .

In past i used to promote my gigs and beacuse of good feedbacks, early deliveries etc… my gig grow in search . Search was based on many factors and people who promoted their gigs have benefits. But now it shows unrelevant and poor gigs and why should i drive traffic into fiverr? What benefit i have from here?

Last day i have delivered work and website crashed beacuse of that buyer cancelled order and fiverr gave me automatically bad feedback . I asked support that this is not my fault or buyers fault but their system crashed and i wasnt able to deliver on time (express gig). They refused to help me.

So what are the benefits of selling here? People cant see your new gigs now, Support refuse to solve clear problems, system is crashing every day…


I look at Fiverr as a formidable work in progress. The outages are growing pains and I expect they’ll be sorted out. They’re well on their way and I don’t think the outages are a valid reason to leave. I’m sure that all kinds of aspects of Fiverr will evolve.

My whole long term plan here is to totally wipe out something that might not be working in terms of a gig and start totally fresh with another.

I would say to everyone that there are mainstream jobs that you can earn an ok rate for doing here. However, regardless of how slow things are, nothing should preclude anyone from thinking out of the box and trying to be as unique as possible. You seem discouraged, but there’s always so many more ways to try things here. I would just say to revamp everything that has you discouraged. If you’re not getting the jobs you want, you have nothing to lose by shuffling things up.

I don’t expect any success or windfall I meet with in life to forever sustain itself.

As for favoritism, it might make perfect sense. Were I at the helm of such a company I’d want the most driven and motivated people favored. Maybe the notion of figuring out exactly who this is much more difficult than you might imagine when there are so many working hard to achieve.

Quitting doesn’t seem like the right move. Changing your game plan might be the way to go though.

I don’t think that for really good gigs one should have to pay to promote them. Good gigs can rise to the top.

I don’t think you should quit. I think you should just courageously revamp. That makes more sense than quitting if you’ve done well enough here to justify your involvement thus far.


Reply to @reesedr: Here is my two cents. .

I find the fiverr search working okay.

It is just that there are too many gigs nowadays with similar tags. A solution would be: You need to find more unique gig and keywords to bump up your search position.

If you want to fight on the mainstream market aka the many similar gigs with similar tags, you gotta market yourself all the way to get yourself up. Buy a video gig or interesting graphics to promote your gig and etc.


The search is not based on how you’re rated, unless you use the “Search by rating” tab.

Nobody except Fiverr staff know exactly how search works, but one thing that is known is that new gigs are put on top at first.

If new gigs were not bumped up nobody would ever find them. Then, they eventually go down in ranks as new gigs are added. Look at it like a chain. You add a new link in the chain, the link is now the first link. But as new links are added, pretty soon it becomes the last link.

You are supposed to try and drive traffic to your own gig. Fiverr doesn’t go out of it’s way to do this for you. If you’re not going to promote your own gig then how do you expect to make any sales? You can’t count on Fiverr to do that. You need to do it yourself.

And you, after looking at your gigs should know this. Your gigs are all based on helping people rate better in Google search. Why not apply your own service to your own gig and drive traffic to it?


I did that believe me i am here for a long time many gigs posted many services sold.

I know how fiverr search worked and how it is working now.

So you are saying that i should still promote my gigs and drive here potential customers for other sellers and for fiverr?

So i pay 20-100 bucks for promotion ok after that fiverr took 20% and my gig is not even visible on fiverr search?

I am asking what are the benefits for sellers i still can promote my gigs and drive traffic here but why should I ? If even support is not helpful and website is crashing and search is not working properly. And dont say that it is working there are maybe 3 - 4 patterns which are rotating and there are still same gigs i did reasearch .


Well. I don’t know what to tell you.

You ask why you should promote your own gigs… Well, the answer is simple. If you want to sell you need to promote. Just like any other business. Why should Fiverr promote your gig for you? And if they did how would that woek since thousands of gigs are added every day. Should Fiverr promote their gigs? Or just yours.

I’m not trying to be harsh, but the fact is that you keep asking why you should promote your own gig? What benefits are in it for you?

The answer is simple. The benefits for you are more sales. If you won’t do any work yourself how do you expect to make sales?

As for Fiverr taking it’s commision, why shouldn’t they? They maintain and own the market in which you sell. Just like real life. You want to run an ad in the newspaper about your service you pay for it.


You are right fiverr have full rights to take their cut of course.

They should do whole market based on the algorythm that supports all sellers just like google if you try and do SEO and put work into your website they will give you benefits and run traffic to your website trough search.

But there is missing part here on fiverr . I promote / i spend my own money for promtions i get sales and from these sales i have 80% and no more customers from fiverr just customers which i drive here.

This is the point in this case i can just set my own website and drive customers there and no one will take cut from revenue.

Dont get me wrong i believe that Fiverr is great place and have big potential but you can see how sellers are complaining past few weeks this is not only my opinion.

In the past was search based on many factors like deliveries, comments, orders in short people who was friendly and did work were benefited. Now there are junk gigs on the frist page every time i hit search.


@bigbadbilly…I know what you are trying to tell her, and a lot of people here have the belief that you should promote your own gig, and that is a good method of operation for many people but not for all. Lets just say that you are an actor or writer and you have an agent. That agent takes 10%, 20%, 30% whatever it may be. The entire reason for having an agent and paying a commission is because the agent gets you jobs right? Otherwise you could go out and get jobs on your own. That is what many people fail to see about Fiverr. Fiverr is like an agent promoting your gigs, generating revenue and taking a cut. That is a legitimate position to take. You asked, “Why would they promote your gig?” because they take a percentage, thats why. If you have your own website with good rankings and good sales then you really dont need this place. If you are just starting out with no exposure then this is your best chance. So it all depends how you look at it and from what perspective. With your own site, you’re the boss and fully in charge. Here you really arent. Most things are completely out of your control here.


@beatcraigslist - But here’s the thing. Fiverr doesn’t claim to be an agent or marketer. What Fiverr has is traffic. IF your web site had anywhere near the amount of traffic Fiverr has then you wouldn’t be here.

So, Fiverr makes no claims to try and promote your gig. You are paying for the amount of people that can potentially see your gig.

Best example? When you want to open a store, the ones that cost the most are the ones that have the most foot traffic. The more people walk by your store everyday, the higher your rent. But your landlord doesn’t tell you that you’re paying more rent so they’ll promote your store do they? No. You pay more because the more people pass by, the higher your chances of getting a customer.


Fiverr is only an online “outlet mall”, they graciously promote gigs to help entice viewers into the “the mall”, other than that, its up to the shop owners to make the money. Fiverrs “cut” is your rent for putting all of those gigs up, and allowing you to be in their mall. No one guarantees your gig will be what buyers are looking for.


@thisisrealnifty- Thanks for repeating what I just said. LOL :wink:


Reply to @bigbadbilly: Whatever gets the point across, lol…


Amen to that.


You are all right guys .

This is what fiverr SHOULD BE but last few weeks isnt.

Fiverr search is not working this is why gigs are not seen.

I would not have any complains if fiverr would drive also some traffic to my gigs but it isnt.

I can change tags, keywords whatever i want including feedbacks, orders, delivery time but their search still show same gigs .


Promoting your gigs will drive traffic to YOUR gigs, not Fiverr and other sellers. I don’t understand why you feel that promoting your gigs has no point anymore as it only drives traffic to Fiverr and other sellers.

I think @bigbadbilly made a very good point. Fiverr provides us with a platform to sell and buy, they don’t promise to drive traffic to your gigs all the time. I believe they want us to do that ourselves. We have to put forth effort to grow our Fiverr business, we can’t expect Fiverr to do everything for us.

I do believe the Fiverr search could use some improvement, but I don’t believe Fiverr should be responsible for driving traffic to our gigs all the time. It’s not their job, it’s ours!


Beacuse i drive here customers not only for my gigs but also for others if i promote fiverr as a platform.

What is the point of promoting something if you have no benefits? What is the benefit ? The system? There are many online pay systems like PayPal which allow you to build your own platform with any programming skills.

Fiverr was good place back to days but if anyone is able to drive traffic to his service why should someone take 20%?

This is not any attack on Fiverr i was happy to sell here for almost a year but now i am seriously thinking about leaving this place


I agree that it works both the ways I stated and the ways you guys have stated. Its a multifaceted platform. The biggest problems are that things just aren’t working. The Search is a joke. I tried changing my tags or keywords and the system put back the old ones. I deleted all my tags and the system put back the old ones. What type of SEO can you do if the system wont allow you to make changes.

Another big problem is favoritism. When I do searches I ALWAYS see the same gigs in the same positions. Also, when I do searches I see the first page filled by just 2 maybe 3 sellers. One seller occupies like 10 of the slots, WTF! That just isn’t right and no matter how I change the wording and tags mine stay in relatively the same position. So something is amiss but of course we will never know what that is.

As far as promoting…I don’t see any problem with doing it. Go ahead and promote if it works for you.


Reply to @backlinks_linki: Well, you don’t HAVE to promote Fiverr as a platform. Just focus on promoting YOUR gigs.


I believed that you will give me some good reasons guys but there is no place for serious bussines more.

When i promote my gig i promote also fiverr platform this is obivious beacuse buyer will buy my gig but maybe also other gigs and will find fiverr as a good source of services.

Long story short why i am leaving in next few days:

  • ZERO Sellers Protection - buyer can ask universe or can be totally troll and he have full rights to destroy your bussines with one feedback, support will not help you.

  • UI Crashes - this can be understood even YouTube have weak times
  • Not Working Search - As menoited , same sellers, unrellevant gigs, new gigs are hardly ranked,
  • No more benefits if you promote your gigs - this is the main reason i am just giving someone 20% for all work i do.


It would be nice if the search worked properly. I can put my exact gig title in or every keyword combination and still cannot find my own gig. Finding my gig in the section it is filed under is near impossible manually.