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I am tipping my sellers DOUBLE the original price of the gig


I’m a buyer and I’ve been having terrible problems trying to get sellers to start the gig within a reasonable time as the work I require done is time sensitive.

I therefore tip my sellers DOUBLE the price of the original payment for the gig if they START the order within 12 hours.

I also tip them (the original price of the gig) if they start it within 24 hours.

So far, I don’t think I will be tipping anything, as most of the sellers I use don’t start the gig for a few days, if they ever start it. So tired of cancellations, etc.

I wouldn’t mind if I were asking something special, but it’s only ever exactly what they advertise. Just don’t understand it!


What services are you looking for? Maybe I can help you! I respond and deliver my work as soon as possible. I’m here to work and I always talk to my buyers. If they need an extra fast delivery I will skip my sleep, but will deliver the required work on time. So, you can always rely on me!


My two cents worth: I am a seller and I suggest that you contact your buyers. If it takes them a few days to even message you, then you know that they are not very reliable. Don’t be discouraged by a few bad sellers. There are many reliable sellers. For instance, I get an alert every time i get a message and so i respond usually within minutes. I also deliver usually within a few hours. Just find sellers who are swift and reliable. Thanks, Isaac


Best practice in managing time-sensitive projects is to communicate your time requirements to a freelancer and wait for a positive agreement to your those requirements prior to engaging the freelancer. A fiverr seller with a limit of 7 days might take the full week. If you purchase a gig with a longer time limit than your timeline can handle, the root problem is your choice of gig and seller.

I set a 7 or 14 day window for my gigs because it helps me manage my pipeline across multiple sales channels, but I do the work as soon as I have bandwidth. I completed delivery of a gig today in just a few hours, but even if I took a full week that would be within set expectations.


Reply to @pappy12: I don’t think it is demanding to give people incentives although @mrproofreading is correct that sellers hear that from buyers often and they don’t always come through. Sellers get discouraged by that at times. What I meant by demanding was to expect a seller to deliver by a set time when they aren’t necessarily aware of your expectation.

I entirely agree with you about waiting on replies as long as you are reasonable about it. I buy too and I have had to develop a habit of contacting all sellers before ordering because I did end up with some purchase attempts that ended in cancellations when the sellers did not deliver anything. I expect to wait at least 24 hrs for a reply since the seller and I might be in very different time zones. If they have delivered a lot recently you know they are active but also very busy. As a seller, when a buyer asks me what my turnaround time is (without offering to pay express) I tell them that the maximum is what is stated on my gig but if I think I can deliver faster I give them an estimated time but not a guarantee.

I would just suggest communicating with the sellers really well. If they do have a longer delivery time than you like, though, they may just not be able to deliver faster and at least if they are honest you know what you are dealing with.


Have you tried contacting them before placing the order, and asking them if they can deliver within the needed time frame? Some sellers are very busy; your order could be 50th or 500th in their queue. Others have day jobs or two day jobs, and can’t start working as soon as you need them.


If you buy a gig with a 5 day delivery time and the seller provides it in 2 days or less, that is something special. Do you see a line for tickets at the movies and automatically expect the owner to rush out and escort you to the front because you are clearly better than the others in line? Sounds silly, doesn’t it? It is your prerogative to tip or not but you sound rather demanding.


Hi pappy12,

sorry that to hear that you’ve had bad experiences with sellers on Fiverr. I’m a seller on Fiverr myself and I always to to get in contact with buyers as soon as possible. If I’m not able to start working on the Gig right away, I’ll let them know when I will be able to do so.

I also aim to deliver work the same day I receive the order, and it doesn’t matter if the buyer opted for the EXTRA FAST option or not - if I have the time to get it done, I always do so.

It’s sad to hear that other seller don’t do the same, as contacting a buyer with updates on the purchase is not that big of a deal.

All the best,



Sure, but it’s not that I’m being too demanding I think, I’m just trying to lay an incentive for starting the work by offering these tips, I’m not asking for it to be completed either.

The biggest problem I have is a gig that never gets started for a week or more or not at all. This is time and money that could be spent on some other willing seller. Just waiting around for someone to reply or start the gig is a waste as you’re left wondering if it would be started at all.

Hence the incentive to start the gig early by promising a tip at the end is a good one I think. At least I know where I stand and I’m willing to pay for that.


Hi Pappy12,

I think you would benefit a lot from messaging a seller before placing an order. That way you can find out if they’ll be able to complete the order in the time frame you’re looking for, particularly if it’s a time frame not included as one of their extras. I offer a writing gig with a 10 day delivery period, and because I have a long queue I often can’t start an order for a few days. However, I always reply to orders as soon as I get them to let a buyer know I’ve received it. I think many sellers will at least reply to you to let you know when they expect to able to complete your order.

If you’re worried about wasting time while waiting for a reply, you could always message a few sellers at once. When you get a reply with an offer that works for you, you can hire that seller and just politely let the others know you found someone else. Then you won’t have to spend a lot of time waiting for replies.

I hope you have a more positive experience from this point on!

Best wishes,



Reply to @pappy12: As a seller, I often hear the phrase "complete this within XX hours and I’ll tip you $XX."

Sadly, in my own experience, those tips have never been forthcoming.

Personally, I would message a bunch of sellers with your request and offered price (inclusive of the tip). That way, they’re guaranteed to receive the extra money for expedited delivery, and you’re going to get what you need.


What kind of service u need ? I may help u if it is one of mine.


I don’t think tipping when you place an order is effective or sends the message you want.

tipping is something that is done after a job is complete for a service well done. so I don’t think a seller sees it in the same way at all.

When you order a gig, it says approx. how many days it normally takes, as well as the persons response rate in general. If that does not work for you, do not order from that seller. While many sellers do deliver things earlier if you have something time sensitive move along to the sellers that already have in their gig extras a choice for “1 day delivery” and pay it right then and there. For $5, most sellers give a lot that normally would costs way more, so many people work it into their schedules over the course of a few days. But there are some sellers that for a few extra will deliver it within a day but they have a system in place for that to happen.


By the way, what kind of gigs are you purchasing that you are getting sellers cancelling orders and never starting that happens often enough it’s tiring?


extra fast option is the way.

If there is a hge queue, maybe ask before by mailbox could help, help to have the work done faster and help to gain respect from the seller. sellers are not machines ahahah


Reply to @pappy12: I’m also a seller. Can i get a chance to serve you?


Always ask from sellers in 2-3 messages , Are they willing to do it in your required time ?

It will save both time and help you more.


Today I completed an order in 25 minutes because the guy bought the 24-hour gig extra. So his wait was nothing. He ordered at 12pm, got it at 12:25pm.

Without that purchase, I would have waited until it’s due in 24-hours. Of course, if I only have 4 orders to complete and I’m bored, I will do them. The thing is, I’m rarely bored. I don’t remember the last time my queue was empty. I can’t imagine the people with 50 orders in their queues. How do they do it? I have 13 orders. I imagine they’re not doing 3-day delivery unless it’s a really easy task.


I think what buyers don’t understand is how MANY of these 24-hour requests we sellers get. Everybody wants their job done as soon as possible, and of course that’s understandable. But sellers often have several orders in their queue, and they can’t possibly fulfill them all immediately. Especially jobs that take a long time such as, in my case, editing 20-100 page books or papers. I understand that shorter jobs take less time, but I mostly operate on a first-come first serve basis for my clients, unless the buyer purchases my “extra fast” delivery, in which case that buyer goes to the head of the queue because it was important enough to them to purchase it (and because the timer is now ticking for a 24 hour deadline and I can’t be late in delivering it). Money does talk, and if you truly need a job done quickly, you will have to purchase from sellers who have either a 24 hour deadline on their gig, or the “extra fast” gig delivery option enabled. Tipping is great, but like someone else said, a tip is usually done after the job is done for a job well done. Otherwise it’s kind of more like a bribe, and you still don’t have a guarantee your order will be done on time because it’s dependent on the seller’s discretion and honesty. The only guarantee is to purchase the 24 hour option…because then the order goes to the first slot in the queue.


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