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"I am Tired"- A letter to the Fiverr Support [ARCHIVED]



Dear , I am really sad now :frowning: I have been working on fiverr for last 5 months. Slowly I increased my clients by providing the best service and great client support and increased my level to level 2 seller.

But believe me all the clients I had and having till now was because of totally my effort. I promote my gig in different networks or facebook messaging. Thus new clients open new account in fiverr and ordering my gig. Indirectly I am bringing new users to fiverr. but I never had favor from you guys to get more clients within from fiverr networks.

I am providing facebook fans for pages. And believe me it take a hell out of great effort and hours of working to get fans cause I am not providing any fake fans like others in fiverr. But in whole fiverr for any keyword such as
" facebook likes " / " real facebook fans " / " facebook fans " or anything else you can’t even find my gig anywhere even if you search till the last page.

Whereas new comer opened their accounts yesterday and opened a gig yesterday under the same section and they are in the top of the search page. Even in your “Recommended” section by fiverr.

=> Some of them dosen’t have reviews or if they have,they have only 8-9 reviews which is much lower than mine.

=> Some of them even doesn’t have any level where as I am level 2 seller.

=> Some of them even doesn;t have any video where as I have my own video attached and picture that clearly state my methods so that clients find me more trustworthy

You can check my gig here :

I tried to contact you before regarding this and even this time too I know you guys will tell " You don;t promote such gig for facebook likes due to heavy opening of gigs under this section" or “this is an automated process” or something like this. I KNOW.

My last 5 month was ridiculously hard for me. None of my gig get in the search result even if anyone search till the 8-9th page of search result. But still I became LEVEL 2 seller because I was bringing my clients from outside of fiverr. Because I had so much expectation from fiverr after reading the success stries of others. I worked soooooo hard for becoming LEVEL 2 seller because I thought after becoming LEVEL 2 seller everything gona settle down. My search result will improve. But phew I was damn wrong.

I don;t know why I am writing this to you. I don;t expect to get any positive reply or positive result anymore.


Anyway if I have been too much bold or offensive I expect you guys will forgive me.

I wish all the happiness & prosperity for you guys.

Have a nice day for the rest of your life.



Same problem at my side, I don’t know what algorithm fiverr is using to show up results.

Level 2 seller

Highest Reviews on my gig (as compared to all other gigs of same task)

All Positive Reviews

Showing up at last in search results. Why???

What I guess about this is

  1. Time of response & completion: my profile has more response time than others
  2. My Gig completion days is more than other sellers.


don’t give up after all the work you have done. Keep on pushing the limits and you will be rewarded one day, maybe sooner than later.



Keep the spirit friend, I’m level 2 seller too but I have not selling as I want, I also want to be successful as the others, sometimes I also want to stop but my heart says don’t to stop before I actually succeeded. You are not alone and believe that no effort will be in vain. :slight_smile:


I understand you completely. Although I’m new, I’ve been working for peanuts so I can get my name here on fiverr. Seems I was getting more exposure my first few days and now that I’m gaining, little by little, some new clients, I can’t even find my gigs half the time on the site. One is not even getting hits at all. I can’t share my gigs on my social media, I charge 10x’s as much, so I’m relying on providing a quality product to try to obtain new income. Anyways, I don’t know a lot about this site yet, but don’t give up!!!


Reply to @cgsales1979: Your flyers look really good! I completely understand the peanuts thing, but once you have those good reviews and portfolio pictures it will start to pick up!


I am also trying too hard but no sales till now,



Fiverr has some strange SEO and rotators… It is hard to get used on it…


I agree with this user. I, too, am a level 2 seller and Fiverr promoter/ambassador/evangelist in USA and to UK and yet sometimes go weeks without a sale while someone with few sales has FEATURED SELLER across their face and I don’t even show up in the searches… it is hard to keep producing under these circumstances and then have someone offer moral support saying 'just keep trying. Don’t give up!'

GRRRR!! (Apologies… overworked Fiverr not getting enough gigs to buy my new car or house has created a cranky person. At least I can afford to keep my internet on this week…)


The worst part I am used to getting hear that they don’t promote the category in that I am on but still all those new user who have less reviews and no levels pumps up in fiverr’s recommendation starngely ! ! !

All the orders I am having is only because I am bringing all my direct clients to fiverr. Some of them even newly opened account to order my gig.

Guess what now a days Loyality doesn’t even count as pennies.


I understand @facebook_camp from my perspective it seems some gigs are promoted more over others, but you just got to hang in there and keep doing your unique strategies to gain traffic like posted feedback on the forum, because your comments are not in vain and I myself is considering ordering a couple gigs from you.


I wish we could understand how we show up in the search engine. I mean, they can’t make it so that level 2 sellers and so on always show up at the top; otherwise newbies would never get a chance to make a name for themselves. Maybe buyers should have an option to search by rank. Then again, they’d probably always search for gigs from Top Rated Sellers anyway. :frowning:


@ facebook_camp i completely agree with you. Fiverr is not fair with there policy for placing gigs on search pages. When i contacted them they told me that they rotate the position to give exposure to every one. However i am literally seeing some gigs from months at top of search pages/recommended with only few feedback and low rating.

The gigs on top get more sales from ours due to exposure. I have 100% positive profile/gig rating but i never made to “recommended” gigs and my gigs are too low in position on search results

I hope some one from Fiverr staff see this thread


Hi facebook_camp,

I know how it feels. My tip for you is to stay positive and do your thing in the best way you can. Stay focus and stop comparing your gig status and visability with others. No surprise you are tired :slight_smile:

Your time will come too, just hang on for the meantime!


Thanks guys for all of your supports and positive wordings. When I was writing this thread I was damn tired of trying and very much upset. But yes I understand, there is no alternative of keep trying. So I am going to keep trying. Apart from it My final exams are going on. Last day I gave Accounting exam. It was good. So something good in my life is happening. So I am positive now. I will keep trying.

Thanks once again :slight_smile:


Reply to @beastgraphics: yes, I am going to keep trying. Lets see what positive comes out of keep trying :slight_smile:


there should chat for this site


Reply to @kjblynx: Yeah…they need to work on a way around this for sure!


A couple of things I could suggest, first you are good on camera, I would recommend you start offering things in the line of videos and such.

Secondly, understand that SEO is a really dark subject in America where Google changed the entire world of SEO for the worse.

Just my two cents of ideas, but I think you would be much more successful doing videos here.


I was on Fiverr for almost a year before I really started doing much business. Although, I really didn’t work very hard at it back then. If you stick to the tips offered here and work hard like you have been, it will happen in time.