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I am Top Rated seller

I am working on Fiverr since 2015. Completed near 1800+ projects and gain 5+ rating but not getting new orders even not getting enquires from the 6 months. I maintained this budget due to my previous client’s orders. Moreover, I did different techniques like paid marketing, share my gigs, and much more but no one work for me.

I know Fiverr does not give a guarantee to any seller for orders.

Now the question is: How to improve my profile at this level?

Looking for your suggestions.



Now I’m not sure if it’s worth it :frowning:


Yes, somehow your statement justify top rated level.

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Honestly I don’t see much room for improvement from my perspective? But I was only level 2 seller on highest. Would like to know what other TPS would say, they are rarely sharing anything on forum though.

// You got 4 orders in queue tho, what’s the problem?


Maybe change the text of answer 4 of “I will create stunning facebook or instagram short video ads” in the FAQ section.


These 4 order were from last year, probably those on revisions since 182 days ago.

Well, your gigs are very expensive, so obviously you have a very narrow audience looking to pay this sort of money for video creation and editing.

On top of that, January isn’t really a time when companies invest a lot of money. They just did that for the holidays. There’s also the pandemic.

Also, one of your gigs has a grammar mistake in the title.

So there are a few things to consider, the nature of our economy right now due to Corona, high prices, all of these end up being a factor. Plus, there are a lot more competitors, for writing alone we have 3x the number of users, I assume it’s the same for your category. So you have a ton more competition, and these prices are high compared to what they offer, most likely. That’s why I assume you don’t get a lot of orders.


i have seen your profile …you have only one gig and what your gig offers ??? it offers photo editing …when i searched for photo editing in the past i found +30k gig for photo editing so it is not the right section to work in fiverr you should find some new skills …at the end everything here is hard but fiverr for me is the best platform …other platforms are loosers …in 2020 i was earning 100-200$ monthly but suddenly everything stopped in septemper 2020 and until now i am suffering here

Agreed @donnovan86

I am working on fiver from 2015. Upto the last year I had more orders and as I have limited order que upto 5 on each of my gigs as I am receiving more order than my capacity without doing any marketing.

Now a days I am doing paid marketing to my gigs for getting orders. It is very difficult to get a single order at this pandemic situation.

We all need to be patience at this time and need to pray to relive the world from this pandemic situation to have more business as before.

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