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I am totally disgusted

I offered 10 dollars for a simple logo and it was very doable with Microsoft paint. No kidding a 5 year old could of done better. Fiverr might do more before they let someone say they are a professional. kettle korn is not made in a tea kettle!! Really its not lol

Or a talented baby. An demographic that is often neglected, due to the high goo-gah:intelligible ratio.

Also, Kettle Korn was… blah.

I suppose you use a microwave so the old ways are outdated. Carry on being disgusted.

If you accept money for work, you are a professional.

There is no other way around that.

Puppy monkey baby?



I have hear that line a time or two and often wonder if a child could, then why not do it yourself.

This gave me PTSD-like flashbacks to that commercial. I will literally never be the same after puppy monkey baby.

No one will. I can’t remember anything for about a half hour after each time I see it.

Better yet, just trade some penny candy to a child. That even beats the fiverr price.

Interesting about Kettle Korn. I never knew it was actually a historical American food.

I’m going to beat Puppy Monkey Baby, and create the ultimate… Puppy Monkey Baby CLOWN!! Boom! Nailed it! Shower me with money.

Oh, thanks. Nightmares again tonight. Dang, girl, I owe you a gig. Now I dare you to photoshop that well and put it in Conversations.

Let the nightmare COMMENCE!