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I am trying to get order but nothing happening

I am trying to get order but nothing happening

At least you should provide us with the gigs link if you want someone to reviews your gigs :slight_smile:


did you use Buyer Requests section?

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You need to apply some extra effort, such as promote your gig via Social media or create some buyer request. It may help a lot

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you can use buyer request daily, and promote your gig in social media, and online maximum time, keep passions

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You should improve your description and your portfolio.
for a stylish facebook cover…, your portfolio is not stunning enough, i only saw an normal image, not your facebook cover portfolio? Did i miss something?

and for the Second GIGS, you should provide potential buyer with attractive information, how good is your social media account?
How your service is better than other competitor?
and there are spelling error:
“Don’t worry I am with you I will do for you and give 100% setisfection…”
1. Book
2. *Flayer*
please double check again…,

I suggest to improve your gigs description before think about marketing…,

That’s my opinion, :slight_smile:


Very Good reply, I impressed very much for such wide opinion

thanx a lot for helping me