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I am trying to understand why this site 'works'

Great you clicked! So, I am on online freelancer that is pretty comfortable making money online, when read a few reviews about Fiverr so i thought I’d give it a shot… I typically do writing work through CMS and bidding sites. The whole concept of a packaged deal… nevertheless one for $5 is ‘curious’ to me… So I put together a few gigs that I could do for $5… Mostly because I enjoy them and don’t mind making no money at it. Maybe that’s the wrong attitude… but so far Ive spent hours creating gigs, finding pictures, figuring out how to navigate this site… and there is a small chance that I may make enough to cover my Internet. Kudos to those that do. I probably even posted this in the wrong category… apologies if I did. It seems like this site will require a lot of self promotion in order to work… is that the case? Also I was threatened removal because I hadn’t logged in a few days… Why would I if no one is interested in my gigs and I have plenty of work elsewhere? Am I supposed to hang out here until I get buyers? Hmmm… any advice as to how to make this work is appreciated.

I will be the first (of an endless stream of fiverr sellers) to tell you to read the forum posts that have been painstakingly crafted for your benefit. READ, READ, READ, and…READ some more!!! There isn’t a question that hasn’t been asked. If someone does come up with something ‘new’ to ask, it is simply a misinterpretation of something old.



jennmariewa said: Also I was threatened removal because I hadn't logged in a few days..

You were probably told that your gigs would be suspended(put on ice) if you do not work them. People don't have their accounts deleted for inactivity. At least...last I checked.

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