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I am unable to get my code

I am unable to get my code. Please help me out :frowning:

Have you tried again (eg. at later time)? Is your phone connected? Did it ring and if so did you answer it? Is the correct phone number specified in your Fiverr settings and the correct country?

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Clear your browser cache & deactivate all extention then try again . If still error shows try again 24 hour later . If still shows the error contact support. :wink:

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Yes few day before i tried to connect my account system. but it took time to come a message to my phone. so i tried again and again. suddenly i appear this error page, and i could not even connect my account with the codes i received.

If you don’t get the answer to the problem in this thread you could contact CS (at the support link at the bottom of a normal Fiverr page) who could give you the best instructions for ensuring your account is verified (using the phone code).


Can you tell me please how to clear cache and extention? I am tomfool

Thank you so very much :slight_smile:

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Change your Mobile number and chose to receive code by call.

Thank you :slight_smile: Yes, I got the solution.

I was getting the same problem recently. I had to contact support team and they rectified the error for me. Go ahead and contact them for support.

@websiteexpert2 yes, they helped me :slight_smile: thank you :slight_smile:

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That’s nice to hear.
I wish you the best of fiverr.

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