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I am unable to give Fiverr test again for 90 days

Hello Everyone,
I am new into Fiverr I recently made my Gig on Fiverr as a seller and I am unable to give Fiverr test again before 90 days because I left that particular browser 3 times unintentionally …
can someone please guide me , what is the solution ? how can I give the test again before 90 days? Your suggestion would be appreciated . Thanks in advance and have a Good day.


welcome to fiverr and enjoy this

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Solution? - Wait 90 days.

Then be more careful next time. Fiverr shown test rules before going straight to the test page: you can’t switch to other pages, or nowhere else.

Fiverr is very strict in maintaining rules. You can take a specific skill test 2 times in a 3 months period. So, as you have already have missed two chances of proving your skill on certain topic Fiverr will not allow you to take the test for the third time before 3 months. So, you have no other way than to wait for 3 months and after that period you will be able to take the test for 2 times in the next 3 months periond.

Actually, it the rule of Fiverr skill test. Don’t worry you’ll be able to do continue your work. Yeah! if your job category doesn’t require skill Test. Noting to do. Wait 90 days.

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