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I am unable to pay for a gig via the paypal


I am unable to pay for a gig via the paypal. It is showing following error:

"You cannot complete this action on the card you have selected. Please select another card."

I tried two cards with same problem,I dont have any other card which is acceptable. More ever 1 INR was deducted at each attempt

What are alternative options for users in India


Please contact the Fiverr customer support team for help with payments :slight_smile:


Also this looks like an issue you need to pick up with PayPal rather than fiverr as it is just a payment gateway and fiverr do not validate your cards on PayPal etc.


I found that paypal has A Long standing problem with Indian cards due to tough indian rules. Are there any alternative mode of payments in fiverr?


The only alternative to PayPal is the Fiverr Revenue Card.


There are fees associated with this however -