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I am unable to talk to my clients


Hello Friends…
I am a second level seller here. A few days back I notice a bug in my inbox section. I was just unable to chat with my clients. I used to contact Fiverr customer support several times but they didn’t respond. My clients are getting sick of me. Response rate also goes down. I am very much worried about it…:worried:
Please help friends…Thank you very much…:slight_smile:
Here are two screen shots showing the bug…
Mod Note: The images showed other user names and conversation which is not allowed and they have been removed.


I am not sure but it looks like you may have been blocked from sending messages.
I suggest you go to and contact them about the issue, you can send the screenshots to them without any problem.


might be you did something against fiverr rules


Thanks for your help…Actually used to take much care about Fiverr Terms Of Services…I don’t think I have done some thing against Fiverr’s TOS intentially…Even I have contacted Fiverr several times they are replying…


@sfader contact customer support straight away.

It happened to me twice this month.

They are testing a new system which removes your accounts the ability to message others if you receive or send out too many messages within a given time window.

It’s insane, is what it is. Because I receive numerous messages per day I have to deal with this on a weekly basis.

I message customer support, the lift the ban and apologize.

Until it happens again.