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I am unable to verify my Gig


Hello admin
I have tried my best to verify my First Gig via phone.I recieved the code and when i enter the four digit code the submit code button didnt turn green and i s not working my 7 gigs are placed in drafts any solution for this


Hello, I fear you are misinterpreting this place, it´s a forum for fiverr users, there are mods and an admin too, but for forum issues, not for fiverr issues like yours, you´ll need to contact Customer Support (clickable link) for that. You can find a link to Customer Support also in the footer of your/the page. Good luck.

The replies, and often useful tips too, are from other forum users just like you. Sometimes they help with issues, but other users can´t help you with things directly related to your account other than with tips from their own experience or knowledge. :slight_smile:


Try to clear caches and cookies if you are from PC
and if you are from Phone so better un-install the fiverr app and clear your internet data and the Install it again
surely this will help


Thanks for your favor let me try it thank you


I also got this problem. Switching to Chrome’s incognito mode fixed it for me.