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I am unable to withdraw my money from fiverr through my paypal account associated with it. HELP!


I have around $260 in my fiverr account out of which $36 had been cleared and the rest is pending clearance. i thought of withdrawing the amount through paypal and found out the paypal option is not highlighted . its not clickable . just off… i dont know what to do now… its a lot of money i have earned through them, they had taken their share of amount but why is it now they are not letting me withdraw my money. i have good reviews and everything is in place. whats the problem i dont know? I am trying to do a transparent business through them, now if i dont let me transfer the amount then it would be too tough for me to survive as a freelancer. please help. I am tensed and worried too.


Contact Customer Support ( and submit a ticket to them. It could be a bug, or there could be something wrong with your account so they’ve disabled the withdraw option for your protection. Either way, only Customer Support can help you.

Fiverr Customer Support


contact cs they will reply u