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I am under 18 , how do verify my id

Dear all, i need your cordial help. i am new seller at fiverr .But i am under 18 years old , i have not yet my National ID card. Now fiverr notify me to verify my id within 14 days to continue my id and selling … i don’t know now what to do … i have some completed and running tasks… please help me and let me know what is the suggestion for me.

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Issue a passport. You can get a passport in 4 days.


thanks for your suggestion… but i am worried about that can i have it in time in this pandemic situation… is there any 2nd option?

Any government-issued photo identity card will help, Passport is the easiest way.


would you please tell me , if somehow i can’t manage my passport in time then is that possible to verify my fiverr id using my parents NID info?

Should have opened an account after ensuring a valid ID.

Bad idea. This is your account, not your parents.

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