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I am unhappy with Fiverr support, this is first warning for them

Hi everyone!

Check this order PDF below:

^ PDF link removed by the moderator. Anyways, I think I already added enough data below to make understand the issue.

Both buyer and seller (me) sent them emails explaining the situation that we cannot cancel order because there is a bug in milestone projects so we do not see “cancel order” option.

Surprisingly, in morning, I got an email that: “This is your first warning. If you repeat this violation or continue to violate Fiverr’s TOS, your account will be suspended.”

So, I am unhappy with Fiverr support:

  • They did not read our chat we had on the order.
  • They did not read our support tickets.
  • They just came in to cancel the order (right thing because this is what we both wanted to do) but did not judge the whole issue what was happening and marked my account as suspended.

They gave me first warning.
I did not send another message to them because this is 3rd time I am writing that I am unhappy with them.

I am giving Fiverr support first warning, that if they are going to trouble me again because of their own bugs on Fiverr, and will try to do just the police part and will not do the lawyer/judge part, I am going to stop working on Fiverr.

I do not work too much here, I think I have worked only for 30-40 days in total and this is my income: $2,245.87
So, I am sure that they have got at least $600 (from buyer) + $600 (from seller) as revenue and they still cannot provide a better support.

I have stopped working completely and there is still $459.30 in my account as “pending clearance”.

EDIT 1: I have paused all my Gigs and sent cancelation requests for current orders. Do not want to work on anything. I am an emotional personal and I think this is my positive strength. No matter what happens, I am not going to accept that Fiverr is going to punish me because of their own bugs.

EDIT 2: I had a conversation with the buyer and he said he did not flag my account.
Here are the screenshots:

Here is what the buyer sent to me:

So, all the time Fiverr staff/police were trying to please the buyer and seller does not matter to them.
This is sad.

Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble. - John Lewis

Best wishes from India

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Well, obviously, you got a warning for trying to get the buyer to accept an empty delivery. That is against Fiverr’s Terms of Service:

“Fiverr Customer Support will review cases of Order delivery manipulation that prevents Buyers and Sellers from fully utilizing our Resolution Center that enabled the order to be marked as complete.”

Please read the ToS here:

If there truly was a bug in the cancellation of Milestones, you should have contacted Customer Support first, instead of trying to break ToS.

Also, I don’t think Fiverr cares if you give them a ‘warning.’ You broke their ToS, which you agreed to when signing up. They have every right to give you a warning if you violate their Terms of Service.


We’re sellers ourselves. Go to your lawyer if you wanna report something. We simply can’t help you with this. Also, WARNING? Honestly? And you’re not supposed to tell your earnings.

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Oh please, you really made me laugh with your warnings to fiverr.

You broke rules. That’s it.

First you sent empty delivery. That’s your first violation.
Secondly you tried to manipulate buyer to complete the order with empty delivery: here is your second violation.
And you are lucky that you got only one warning.

Oh yes, they very well read your conversations and saw your violations.


Yes, they have every right here, because they are the boss.
But, they do not have the right to check things thoroughly even when a discussion is going about their bugs.


And, they did not see their bugs at first. Right?
They saw everything but not the bugs.

It’s not about whether FIverr identify the bug or not.
You break the TOS first. If there really a bug, you should contact Fiver first, before doing any action that will result in a warning letter


Obviously they fixed the situation for you because they cancelled the order. And that’s what you wanted.
And also gave you a warning because you broke rules :woman_shrugging:

There is nothing to argue about to be honest. Read the rules and follow them.


It doesn’t matter if there was a bug. You still broke ToS, so the warning was justified.

What do you think CS thought when they saw you write, “Please accept the empty delivery, your money is totally safe!!! I promise I won’t cheat you.” Seems like scammer behavior.


I was just trying to help the poor buyer my friend.
My intensions were not wrong.

So, technology is above a person’s emotions now.
A bad technology which was built by Fiverr which has bugs in canceling orders?

I was just trying to help the poor buyer my friend.
My intensions were not wrong.

So, technology is above a person’s emotions now.
A bad technology which was built by Fiverr which has bugs in canceling orders?

Well, this poor buyer had help you get a warning letter, thanks to your buyer :slight_smile:

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Your feelings don’t matter; the ToS does.

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Then may be this was a punishment given by Fiverr support for me being a good and emotional person?
Thanks again Fiverr support for not reading whole issue.

For me, you really matter my friend if I was in touch with you.
The TOS: they could have just read the issue properly and do a better solution. Because it was their own bug anyways.

No you were trying to cheat your poor buyer.
You lied to your poor buyer that you can do the job, then you decided to cancel the order letting down your poor buyer and after that you tried to cheat them with “I’ll send empty delivery just accept it, it’s ok” scam. Your buyer is really a poor buyer that they chose you.

How on earth completing the order will cancel it? Did you check how fiverr works? Did you read the rules? After the order is completed there is NO option to cancel order, after order is completed only fiverr support can cancel it.

And I’m amazed that you don’t see what you did wrong.


I am really happy and grateful if you think it that way.
Yes, I am so bad that I wanted to disclose my “cheating to buyers” here.

Hahaha, this topic is making me crack up! :joy:


Seriously. It’s getting ridiculous. They read your “issue” and saw that you tried to cheat your buyer, that’s not helping. You tried to trick to complete ting an empty order where they DEFINITELY would not be able to cancel because that’s how fiverr works.
Stop saying that you were compassionate to your buyer, you were breaking rules


hahahahah :rofl: :joy: