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I am up for review today


In the past couple of days, I have improved my account rating by 1.5%, which is actually quite decent considering the number of feedbacks it takes to prop up an account (I have turned the gig off which the feedback came in on, so you can’t see it) and delivered 30-40 gigs. Not sure what.else I could do, to be honest.

I still have a feeling something will go wrong today, though.

I have 2 more gigs to deliver, then I won’t deliver anything else until the end of the 26th because I really do not want to work and then lose my account as it would seem like a waste of time.

Now, one more hour of work and then I wait.


That sounds very nerve wracking, to be up for review. I hope it goes well!


It is stressful when they do not actually tell you what ther review entails. I asked and I got:

“you will find out on the day”

Which is annoying. I don’t know if they are checking for new account warnings (which I don’t have) or they are just going through everything, which would be irritating.

I did hit the standards to be a Level 2 seller again today, apparently. Hoping that helps.


Must be a stressful situation. You need to aim for 100% on all dimensions and you should be fine. I have noticed you have a lot of orders cancelled due to failed to deliver on time. I would suggest you either increase your delivery time so you can handle orders better or deliver quicker. Nevertheless, you seem an experienced seller and I am sure you can get out of this pickle.


Hmm can understand. Don’t worry let’s see what happens.

Dude, I hope it gets better but seriously need to stop with getting all these late delivery cancellations. In the past few days, you’ve had plenty. You really need to either limit your order or raise the prices to get fewer orders man. At least go for $5 for one article maybe that will help reduce the workflow giving you time to handle everything.


Good luck. Fiverr needs more great sellers.

And this is the issue with not being able to respond to late delivery cancellations. They just look like late delivery cancellations.

What you can’t see is that multiple people there gave ZERO information. When offered a request to cancel, they declined and canceled for late delivery. You also can’t see that a good proportion of the people over the past few months received content then canceled, leaving me with negative feedback and them free content. I reckon about 80% of the stuff in June/July/August went like that.

One of the cancellations I even banned the guy from ordering from me again, but he placed an order, declined the cancellation request and went for the late delivery cancellation instead. This was without submitting any information.

There are two people who tried to blackmail me there too.

Going through the list over the past 2 weeks, only 2 of those poeple seem to be genuine cancellations from gigs I missed due to be mixed up with the blackmailers. A third is from a guy who cancelled at placed a $50 order because he liked my writing. No idea why he did that without asking, but whatever. Everybody else was either offered a mutual cancellation or had received some content.

Now I am not allowed to extend gig deadlines anymore because I do not want to run the risk of an account warning.

So, if you want tell me how to combat all that, it would be brilliant.


I know all that. My best advice is again raising prices. Raised prices mean people that intend to scam you will be more hesitant to transfer money to transfer funds into the Fiverr accounts. At least try raising prices and see how things go.

I tried raising prices in the past. Didn’t work. The scammers got worse. Back when I lost my TRS was when I put my prices up, but the sales fell to the point I lost my TRS.

Anyway, I seem to have passed this inspection or whatever.

Nice, so you’re getting level 2 back?

Doubt it.

I mutually canceled a LOT of orders this past month from past scammers and people who have been abusive to me in the past. Put my cancellation rate to the point where I lost the little tick box next to the ‘low cancellation rate’ thing. I qualify on every other point.

If it were just ‘late delivery’ cancellations and customers requesting to cancel for other reasons rather than the mutual cancellations from my end, my cancellation rate for a month would be 7%. Now it is something like 65% because the ‘scammers’ operate by placing tons of tiny orders and I have to mutually cancel all of them.

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That’s just depressing to hear man.

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Oh man, that’s sad. Fiverr should really give sellers a way to handle bothersome buyers, like block any contact between each other. A lot of sellers have been in that situation and it just keeps happening uncontrollably.

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What’s the verdict?

@discobot fortune

Tell us if the review will be a good one or not?

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:crystal_ball: Outlook not so good

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To be fair Ryan, if I was Fiverr and I considered you my employee, I’d fire you.

Come on. You need to end the failed to deliver on time mayhem. Stop spending all your time making bleeding excuses and take ownership of the fact that how your business looks on the outside is a reflection of how you are administering it in the first place.

I’m sick of the excuses. Your wake up call should have been your demotion to Level 1 but apparently that went over your head. Get a grip. You need to end the mad way you are operating. Moreover, here’s a hint: If now you want to tell be all the reasons why your buyers are evil and out to get you, you are just hammering another nail into the already on miraculous life support that your gig is on.

Switch Fiverr off. Reset. Get your act together and restart. I’m actually shocked that Fiverr has allowed this to go on so long. Sorry to be blunt but that’s just how your constant problems appear to me now.


You okay, Ryan? @ryangillam Hope it went better than you thought. :sun_behind_large_cloud: :sun_behind_small_cloud:


I see you are delivering articles and delivered one an hour ago so it looks like you are still here and doing fine. I knew you would be ok. :sun_with_face:

Fiverr recognizes what incredible talent they have in you at such low prices and makes allowances for late deliveries which is very impressive of them.

I’ve been spending my downtime filing dmca requests hence no forum.

In the last few days, I’ve had 54 sites with my stolen content reported to their web host. Looks like around 20 of those sites have been taken down already. Almost all will end up getting removed from European Google searches. I am hoping once news starts to filter out that I have done this to people I will have no issues.

Although, one person who I did this to sent me a message about five minutes ago saying;

‘that’s not the way to do business. You are going to lose customers if you get people removed from the searches’. That is the first I have heard from him in over a month. His website was taken down about ten hours after I emailed his host with proof he stolen the content.

Positive feedback is on the up. The one cancellation I had was a couple of days ago. The guys account got deleted shortly after he placed the order. I kinda didn’t realise as I was waiting for a response. Then yesterday he PayPal charged back and Fiverr cancelled the order from their end, which is annoying as he hadn’t been online in two weeks (it only went very late three days ago). And that is the only cancellation in about a week and actually an undeservered one imo since the customer was neither on the website or gave me any information. Customer support told me the guy logged in and cancelled but I know that’s not true because it still says ‘last active 13 days ago’ on the conversation. I hit level level two for a few hours then when that PayPal charge back went through I went back to level one. Will take fifty more five star ratings (roughly) to get me back up now but meh.

The negative on that one is actually weird as it does not appear on my gig, it just appears on my profile.

Oh and my average delivery time went up to 300 days for about an hour. One of my regular customers noticed an order from 2015 he had not submitted information on. He did. I delivered it im about five minutes but I think because it was so old, Fiverr glitched out and looked at the date it was ordered originally rather than the date information was submitted. It fixed itself when I delivered the next gig.

I don’t think any gig in my queue is at risk of cancellation now as almost everything is regular buyers or gigs which are not late at all. There is one customer who is going to leave negative feedback in a few hours for lateness as I delivered one article before the gig went late, asked for feedback. He got back to me after it went late. If he had got back to me on time it would have been done four days ago. Now I’m. Up don’t it at 4am and he has pledged to leave negative feedback on it when delivered.

Why am. I not cancelling? Well. From what I can tell, negative feedback hits a gig less than mutual cancellations. I tested my theory. Had a customer cancel for late delivery. No loss in search position. (the feedback was actually removed by CS). Had the same person mutually cancel a gig, I instantly fell back tenet positions and since they made it more difficult to see feedback using the mobile app now, I think it’s better in the long run for me to tell people to cancel for late delivery if I don’t want to deal with them.