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I am upset 2 month no work


I am so upset , no work how can I get more work


Either reduce your prices or offer a much cheaper gig so you can get some feedback etc. to get the ball rolling.

You’re an SEO specialist - I’m sure you’ve got some ideas of how to use SEO for your own gigs! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi :slight_smile:
Just Think you have to do at any cost.
Judge yourself what can you do better.
Make gig and try to bid at 2 PM to 4 PM
Bid time at 4PM to 6 PM
Mid night Bid will also help you



yes I have some ideas


I agree with what @offlinehelpers suggested.

Although it’s always right that you should be paid for the quality of the content you provide your customers with, it’s also important to get some feedback initially.

Can you order a very basic version of what you’re offering at the moment to entice people to buy? Perhaps offer a small sample of your SEO services?

People aren’t usually trusting in people without feedback/reviews when it comes to the quality of their work, so this would be a good place to start. You can always increase your prices again later.


Hello shahriar1414
@offlinehelpers is right.

Also make sure you keep an on-going communication with your previous buyers.
Just send them a message some weeks later to ask if they are going great in their business and request for some work if or when they have it.

Also try to set lowest price, you are given right to set high price in second and third option.

Good Luck!


:: Dear Brother …
:: Your Only first 2 Gigs are showing in search results … !!! …


Please never do that!

Your previous buyers could quite rightly report you for spamming them, and that wouldn’t be good! :sunny:


Totally agree with @offlinehelpers


Please, do not do that. That is called spam and it goes against Fiverr ToS! Your account can be permanently closed for doing such thing.