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I am very disappointed about buyer's review

Hello guys,

Hope you are all doing well in this bad situation.
After a long time, I am posting here. After placing order, I’ve done all his requirements and said him to give revision and afer revision, he said me good job and well done but need to do modify lil things, but here was my net problem & late night, so I couldn’t do it that time,so I told him, will do it tomorrow and he said ok too.So,I was sleeping. In the midnight he msged me that, ok you delivery, rest of work I will do, then I said, I will do it today. Then, he said, actually it finished, I have done it. After that, I gave delivery and he gave me so bad review with so many lies .
I was just shocked.If he is so expert then, why did he place order?y dont he had keep patient?
I’m feeling so bad.If he say before good job & well done then why so bad review?
Just sharing my sorrows with you guys.

Take care all


I would say its a part of business, learn it as a lesson and move forward, there is nothing much you can do here.

Its not always like that, people sometime looks for experts to get the job done quickly, they might can do it themself but may be due to lack of time they look for someone can do it for them.


If lack of time,he could wait for my delivery but, later I’ve checked he placed order to another seller which was running with me!

I checked his review and it seems legitimate. He gave details and his thoughts on the process.
Are you coding yourself or are you using web editors?

Right… I agree with you…

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I was doing both.
but,In revision He was not being patient & told me to delivery, but why? I said, I will do. I didn’t know there was anything bad in his mind.

That is very sad to hear.However, these kind of bad experiences can make you even stronger mentally. So please dont get upset for one bad review. It’s just today is not your day. That’s it.