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I am very disappointed about fiverr

I was level 2 seller in my old account and suddenly they made me level 1 without no reason. and I found myself level1 seller again. I kept motivating myself and worked hard to be level 2 seller again with my account and I completed all the requirements except reaching 2000$. was 1901$ and with 5.0 reviews.
Last week one of the buyers bought my gig and was satisfied and gave me 5.0 stars review. after some days he came to me complaining about a problem which is not related to my gig at all. then I tried to help him as much as I can. but he suddenly decided to refund by contacting fiverr support. unfortunately, I had withdrawn all the money on my account like I do every month. when fiverr didn’t find money on my account to take and give back to the buyer, they removed my gig and disabled my account. :(( when I tried to contact them and explain, I found no way to reach them. even they say in the email don’t try to contact us because its final decision. I am really disappointed and I feel bad about that experience and I am about to stop working in fiverr.


Then how did you have level 2 seller before if you didn’t complete this requirement?

You are not allowed to have 2 accounts.

They always send an email stating why they downgraded your level.

Of course you are. You are not allowed to create new accounts if your account was banned. If you are banned you are banned forever.

To sum up: your story doesn’t make any sense.


If you are old on fiverr, you may know that there was different requiements to level up. Before the current requirements I was level 2 in the old system then they made me level1 in current system.
About 2 accounts, I currently have only one account not 2. And I dont know if what you said is right about having one banned account means dont make any account again. Believe or not, this is what happened to me. And this is a screen shot of the old reviews in my old account okay? .

@bassem1111 Hide Fiverr users. It’s not allowed to show their names.


No there was no “different requirements”

I’ve been here even before they rolled out level system. And since they rolled out level system they never changed it. Requirements are the same for the past at least 2 years.

I assure you it’s right. And you don’t have to believe me, all you need to do is to read fiverr TOS that you signed.

No it’s not ok. Please remove it as you are exposing other people here. And secondly your reviews has nothing to do with you breaking rules.

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Note: any violations to Fiverr’s Terms of Service is cause for permanent suspension of all accounts.

Users with disabled accounts will not be able to sell or buy on Fiverr.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


I understand what you meant. When the requirements for each level was changed, whenever you failed to meet up with the new requirements, u’ll be automatically moved to level one.

I’d like to ask, what the client was asking, was it concerning the order that was delivered. Or it was on another work entirely.

Fiverr said this!!!

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Ok i will remove the pic

Fiverr said exatly “there is no need to contact customer support”

Fiverr never changed requirements for achieving levels. Only if you are failing to meet 90% positive rating with your stats then fiver automatically downgrading you. But they never ever changed their requirements.

How old is your account on fiverr? I bet its only 2 years old

:woman_facepalming: There is no need to bet. I’ve been here for 4 years. And that doesn’t change the fact that level system was rolled out 2 years ago and they never changed requirements for achieving levels.

And that also wouldn’t change a fact that you invisibly diet read fiverr tos and again breaking rules by creating new account. It will be banned sooner or later anyway because you are not allowed to create new account after you’ve been banned.

I will give you an example, in the old level system: to go from level 1 to level 2, u didnt have to make 2k$ or complete 50 orders. There was only completing a period of time without any cancelation to orders and maintaining 4.9 to 5 stars reviews.
They added more difficult things to the system.
In the old system I was level 2.
In the new system, I became level1

Only 4 years :cry: I am on fiverr since 2011

That didn’t stop you from breaking rules.


You didn’t answer my question. Was the complaint related to the order that was delivered??