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I am very disappointed 😣

I am from Bangladesh. In Bangladesh we only have one way to withdraw our earnings from fiverr and that is payoneer. Paypal and direct bank transfer is not available in our country. Few days ago I made the first withdraw from fiverr to my payoneer account of amount 240 USD. Then I made the fist withdraw from payoneer to my local bank account of the 240 USD. Payoneer fee for withdraw is 2%. So it charged 4.80 USD and sent 235.20 USD to my Bank account and gave me the confirmation about the transaction. Yesterday I got the message from my bank that I received 201.20 USD. I sent the transaction recipt to the bank that payoneer has sent 235.20 USD, and asked them why I am receiving 201.20 USD and where is the
missing 34 USD. Then my bank told me that they have only received 201.20 USD and they didn’t charged anything on it. They also told me to contact payoneer. So I contact them and I got horrible experience. The payoneer customer care keep telling me about the 2% transaction fee again and again. I am completely aware of all the fees and I should have received the 235.20 USD in my account. I have many co-workers from Bangladesh. They also use the same Bank as I use. But they always get the full money from payoneer. But in my case payoneer stole my 34 USD and they just don’t listen to my issue. Please fiverr, there are a huge number of freelancers from Bangladesh. Please do something for us. The payoneer just stole my earnings of 8 completed orders. So much disappointed​:persevere::persevere::persevere:

Is this the first time you received money through payoneer? Please contact payonner about the missing 34 dollar.

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Oh God!I am thinking of my first withdraw from payooneer. What am I hearing.

Payoneer kept telling me about the fees and to contact my bank. Payoneer told me there is nothing they can do about the missing 34 USD. I also provided the bank transaction sheet, that I received only 201.20 USD and there is 34 USD missing. But they just don’t care.

My co-workers didn’t face this type of issues ever. I think it just me who’s money got stolen.

Well, so sorry @femtographics for all of this as I can understand after how much efforts we earn this amount but this is fiverr forum and your problem belongs to payoneer.

Still, If you want us to give some attention please share the screenshots (if possible) so we can understand the situation either it is same as you described or you have some misunderstandings.

@femtographics Please share the payoneer transaction screenshot.

If this is the first time you are receiving any payment from payoneer than payoneer might have deducted a yearly charge from your account. This $34 could be the yearly fee.

that isn’t something payoneer should do, i have been using this for last year! haven’t seen anything like this. they dont charge for transaction unless u are card holder, then u have to pay some!

Yearly fees is 29.5.

I am sure, Mr. @femtographics have some misunderstandings as I am personally satisfied with payoneer service and their customer support is too kind and sincere.

I also asked him above to share the screenshots (if possible) so we can understand the situation either it is same as he mentioned or he have some misunderstandings so we can clear him.

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I have been using PAYONEER for some years now without any issue. Maybe there’s a misunderstanding somewhere.
When did you start using PAYONEER?
Did you have their credit card?.
Are sure it’s not the yearly card maintenance fee that was deducted from your account?

Get in touch with their CS for clarifications

And card activation (a one time fee when the card is first loaded) is $5.

No, there is no card activation fees. Only yearly fees that is 29.5$.

I did a live chat with payoneer and got an explanation for what happened with me. I selected USD currency instead of BDT currency in the Recipient accounts option. That’s why I got charged 34 USD. They told me to change the currency to BDT. Then I will not get charged like this time. AND I am not a Payoneer card holder.

Learn from my mistake new sellers from Bangladesh. Make sure to check the currency to BDT


@femtographics thanks for the update

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Payoneer is a reputable company. I can understand your frustration at first. Thank God it has been clarified.

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