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I am very happy :) My four month complete

Fiverr is good way for earning. it’s really very trusted site. Helped me every time has customer support. Thanking fiverr team. I have completed four months on Fiverr. I have done good earnings from fiverr in four month. My four orders were canceled but i did 33 order complete :slight_smile: I’m very very happy. it’s very easy way for earning. I Will work only on Fiverr.


It seems that you have 2 different accounts (or someone copied your profile, name and gigs). You should delete one of these accounts or contact CS if someone copied your profile.
Overwhise you may never know the 5th month!

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Thanking you
Yes it’s my account .

So, delete your 2nd account right now. It’s forbidden to have 2 accounts on Fiverr.

Ok i understand i’ll do try. Thanking you :slight_smile: