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I am very happy that I got a sell, Thanks to Fiverr, But till now I am confused about promoting GIG


Hi, I am very happy to get my first sell form fiverr, Thanks to all of them. But can any one suggest me how can I maintain the regular sell?
I got that sell from a custom offer, but I want to get sell from the organic viewer . Please suggest me. Thanks in advance.

Mamun Chaudhury


Some gigs in your category do get daily orders.
So what makes your gig special compared to those. Why should a customer choose you?


So what kind of change can I make ? Can you suggest me please?


You have to do your research. If you don’t have time for it or you don’t know how to do it then hire someone to do market research.

You expect others to pay for your service, right?
Why do you expect us to figure out business plan & marketing strategy for you for free? :slight_smile:

If you don’t even know yourself why buyers should order from you, then how should buyers pick you out of thousands of gigs.


Thanks for your great advice …