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I am very likely to sue Fiverr!


I have lost my trust in Fiverr from this day I have worked on an order FO3C5F52A356 for this customer who was happy with the service only to see weeks late near a monthly Fiverr without notice took back my money that I work hard for all cause this guy made a report to Paypal so where is the law for persons like me who have issues like these?? Is that the way now we can buy and get the service then file a claim to get back out money if that is the case many persons on here will soon be losing money and this site will crash I personally gonna file a lawsuit against Fiverr for the disrespect of my time and energy and I promise you I will WIN!!!


Sorry to hear you’ve had a PayPal chargeback.

You might find this post helpful - it also tells you what to say to get Fiverr CS to help you - hint - threatening legal action won’t help your case, but being nice to them might! :slight_smile:

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Edited to add - Fiverr didn’t take your money back, PayPal did.


Further to what @offlinehelpers said above, I suggest you take a moment to steady yourself before contacting them.
I have been in your position too, as have many others, and it is important to handle the situation calmly. There is a process for dealing with this and there is a chance you could get your money back.

Remember, it is not Fiverr who did this, it is the buyer. It is Paypal who enable this, not Fiverr. No other Freelance platform has a perfect solution for this either so it is worth considering that too. Take a look at my guide for dealing with these Some Info and Opinion on Chargebacks and skip to the last paragraph to get my advice on how to handle it.

There have been a good number of people who have managed to get the money back so keep calm and follow the process.


contact fiverr customer support and try to be calm. legal actions can be the last step.


Yup ignorant. Don’t want to deal with site or forums. Regret posting.


Just because you have not figured out how it works yet, it does not mean that you need to jump to conclusions.
Is the direct deposit site one that can be used with Fiverr? Currently Payoneer and Paypal are the two payment methods and Payoneer offers direct deposit.
The site has been around since 2010 and people have been getting paid on demand ever since. Perhaps have a look around to see if there is a solution to your issue as there are hundreds of thousands of sellers who do not have a problem.


It’s amazing to go from having a problem setting up direct deposit to:



Chargebacks and refunds are a drag.

They suck, and they take up your time and money.

But, unfortunately they are a part of this business like it or not.

Obviously you cannot sue fiverr for a paypal chargeback, nor should you talk about it.

This is just a normal part of any business.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

You need to accept it and move on. Once you get some serious volume going, you’ll get this on a weekly/monthly basis.

Just a normal part of doing business. There are always going to be dishonest people out there and they are NOT just on Fiverr :wink:

Keep your head up, and keep working hard!



I’d love to see the case in where you sue Fiverr for being ignorant about how the site works.


So according to the post about chargebacks not applying to services, which is what most sellers offer, it seems to say we will be refunded by customer support for a chargeback.

Paypal then says the process for chargebacks is as follows:

  1. If a buyer files a claim or in case of a chargeback or a payment reversal, we may place a temporary hold on the funds. ( Then Fiverr takes this from your account)
  2. We’ll ask you to provide information including proof of shipping or delivery within the time frame communicated (usually 7- 10 days). (You need to submit this info to Fiverr Customer Support)
    3. You’ll be able to access your money as soon as we’ve determined that your transaction is eligible. (If successful, you get the money back to your account).

The list of product types that are and are not covered:

What can be covered by Seller Protection?
Physical goods (clothes, toys, electronics, car parts, etc.)
NEW . Services (yoga classes, website design , etc.)
NEW . Tickets (concerts, shows, sport events, etc.)
NEW . Travel (trip, flight or hotel bookings, etc.)
What isn’t covered by Seller Protection?
Items that are delivered or picked up in person
Digital goods (music, computer game downloads and licenses for digital content)
Claims or chargebacks arising from items being significantly different to how you described them
Payments not made through PayPal.strong text

This clearly says services are eligible for seller protection from Paypal and as long as you delivered the service on time you can get your money back.


Yes. That’s how it works in other companies and that’s the experience I’ve had outside of Fiverr.
That’s why I don’t get why people accept negative balance here on Fiverr whenever there’s a chargeback


Any seller who delivered a service on time exactly as described and gets a chargeback should get a refund from fiverr. It’s in black and white.

That was posted back in May 2017. I will find out more about this if possible.


This must be why my chargebacks all claim it was due to being “late” when they were not late.


Also from the same post:

The info and opinions in this topic are my own and do not necessarily represent Fiverr, Paypal or any other third party. Always check with CS regarding procedures.


If there’s a chargeback then PayPal gives both sides 20 days to sort it out.
Seller has to provide proof that service was provided and buyer can prove that it wasn’t.

The tricky part is that since PayPal contacts Fiverr, seller’s faith is in Fiverr’s hands. The seller has no say in it and to my knowledge there’s no process in place where Fiverr contacts the seller and openly asks to prove that service was delivered.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Fiverr doesn’t do anything and simply agrees to the chargeback.
That’s why sellers have to push CS to get this sorted.


@uxreview Do other people with chargebacks get a message saying the reason was it was delivered late?

I doubt if any chargeback would be accepted by Paypal for a service unless the buyer lies and says it was late.

Customer support told me ALL notices of chargebacks now say they were late! ???


Buyer says that order was late?
That should be easy enough to prove that it was delivered on time.


Yes I have gotten refunds from fiverr when I tell them this.

This leads to the next question: why is this counted against me in my stats? it was a non valid chargeback.

But do other sellers also have notices of late deliveries when they were not in the chargeback notice?

I would think that at least 50% of all chargeback notices would make this false claim since it’s the only way Paypal will accept a chargeback for a service.


PayPal reaches out to Fiverr so that they can prove it wasn’t late.
If there’s no response or Fiverr agrees then they will give the money back to the buyer.