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I am very new here {just logged in for the first time in forum} and I see mostly people ranting about CS never listening. Is that true?

Hello everyone. Please forgive me that I’ve already started ranting from the very beginning in here. But I’ve been seeing many, many, countless amounts of rant topics which mostly go around buyers being bad guys sometimes, using the platform to their own use and even misusing it, some people abusing it so that their own gigs can sell well, and maybe even bot buyers that do no good.

Whilst I read many people giving out good answers to each other and helping in a very good way, I see that many sellers are actually not happy with the way CS handles the situations. ‘We respect buyers reviews and we can’t do nothing about it’ and stuff like that. Even if it is planned by someone who is a competition and made a new account.

My question is, as a newcomer to this platform, and hearing about all the stuff that CS has been doing (NOT doing), should I already lose hope that someday it’ll happen to me and they might be doing the same deeds to me too?

Isn’t there any way we can actually reach the CS and talk about this? Isn’t there any kind of fair play for all of us sellers? Does everyone have to play dirty to get their own business in high spot?


Remember that what you see here on the forums is a biased result - not all sellers are on the forums (I’d guess only maybe 10% at most, at least with any regularity), and the ones that do come here often come just to complain. I’m not saying bad things don’t happen, they do, but likely not at anywhere the frequency you fear.

Consider Fiverr the way you’d take an exam in school. Do you concentrate on the questions and try to do your best, or do you sit in your seat, anxious and sweating, constantly looking at your neighbors and wondering if they’re doing better than you while neglecting your own test? Obviously, you pay attention to your own test. Everyone here gets so worked up about numbers, and gig impressions, etc - just do your best and the rest will sort itself out in time. Every client is a test, and a chance to move up. If you aren’t getting clients, step back and take a good hard look at your gig listings - are they as good as you can make them: keywords, good grammar, professional language, FAQs, etc? Do you have examples of your work in your gig? If not, fix these, be patient, and keep trying.

It may sound harsh, but the best advice I could give you is to embrace the fact that CS is not only unreachable, but they will also never help you. Operate your Fiverr business understanding that and you’ll never be disappointed. My last answer from them took three weeks, and I was reporting a client that admitted in Fiverr chat that she cancelled the gig she ordered and stole my work, and I had screenshots of the work being used on her site, and CS basically shrugged and said there was nothing they could do and they would not get me my money. It was an important lesson for me, and an expensive one, and I learned to be incredibly selective about my clients after that. She was one bad apple in over 600 projects though, to give you an idea of the rarity. Just work hard and honestly and you should be just fine.


That is a really good answer to my question. Thank you for answering.

My pleasure. Don’t be discouraged, I know I probably sound really negative, but it’s just a caution to get in that mindset in order to do your best. Honestly, Fiverr CS isn’t here for us, for the sellers - they’re there for the buyers because that’s where money is flowing in. It may be a cynical take on my part, but that’s been my experience in the year or so I’ve been on here.

Hello there,

How are you able to be selective about your clients? Is there a way to actually reject an order? I’m not able to do that on my gigs, so when someone unsavory makes an order, I’m stuck.

Have you read this one?

Also, this is what the first replier to your OP already has to say on the matter:

Thank you for further information on the related topic. I really helps me out to research more.