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I am very new seller at fiverr, need suggesions


I am minhaz from bangladesh.I am a wordpress developer and worked at upwork since last 4.5 years.
But I think I am not that much satisfied with upwork clients.They actually want a lot of experience.

But my friend with similar knowledge on wordpress, recently getting a lots of success at fiverr.
That’ why I move to fiverr.

But i really don’t know how fiverr search works for getting my GIG at first page. SO i need a lot of help from the experienced seller.

Can I have some tricks n tips to bring my gig at first page shortly?



If we all knew, we’d be on the first page. As it were, we aren’t.


You need to send a lot of time and effort winning orders, completing them on time, getting 5 star reviews to reach page 1 on Fiverr.

Keep in mind there are so many sellers out there who are already outstanding in all of these aspects. Word hard and keep positive and you’ll hit the front page of your niche.

I am also new here and i have not any order

I’m also a new seller and did’t get any order till now.

You don’t “get orders”, you EARN them. What are you doing to earn your orders?


well I’am sending buyer request and I’ve opened 3 gigs.

Are you marketing and promoting your gigs to the target customers who need your services?

Thanks a lot jonbass for your reply . I’ll try to promote my gigs .Actually i’m new here so, i don’t know much think but i’m learning.

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