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I am very new to Fiver please you advice

I am a highly experienced UX/UI professional with over 12+ years of leading IT companies,
*I am very new to Fiverr, *why i am not receiving any orders.
pls give me your advice

First of all… what’s that??? :sweat_smile:

It should be “Ads” not “adds”. How come people will order your service after seeing this simple mistake.

The other thing is add extras in your gigs for more feasibility of your gigs.
You will not receive orders on your own. You have to use “Buyers Request” section. Try to market your gigs. Be a active member on Forum, listen to podcasts… you will get so much new information on many things.

Best of luck! :smile: :+1:


dont worry about that you will get sales at some point just dont give up :sunglasses: and work harder on your gigs like adding videos and try to promote outside fiverr also that should help you to get sales turst me its worth it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


work hard and improve on your gigs