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I am very sad for getting 4.7 review for first time

Hi, I have successfully completed my 35th order.
This order was the cheapest among the orders that I have completed. It was a huge amount of works for a very cheap amount. But I agreed because it would be my first order in my new gig. Everything was fine. I delivered the order yesterday and when I woke up today and rate the buyer, I became astonished to see 4.7 rating.

As you can see, he has given 4 for communication. He has written “good communication” in the review. I also think that everything was fine.

After marking my order as completed he has written this. He wrote it after rating me.
Review 1

If everything is not fine, why he is trying to work with me again. I am really sad as it is my first bad rating.
Should I work with him again? What do you suggest? Please let me know.

Thank you
Mahfuz Saim


A 4.7 review is NOT a bad review. It is 0.3 away from a 5.0. It seems silly to be complaining about a good thing. You did very well. Accept the great positive review, and move on to the next order.

Note too, it is well within the rights of a buyer to give you a 4.7 review, if they think that reflects their experience working with you and your services.

Once again, you did NOT receive a bad rating. Not even close.


Yes, you should work with your buyer again, 4.7 is not a bad rating.


@jonbaas @hinajehan Thank you for your suggestion. But it was my review in that gig. Now whoever will visit the gig will think there’s something wrong with his service.

Like I said, a 4.7 review is NOT a bad review. A 4.7 review is not going to make anyone think there is something wrong with your service.


I got a first review on my one gig a 4.3 and it is getting orders.

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@jonbaas @hinajehan Thank you again. The buyer is going to order again.


Try to ask client if he is Happy to get service of need anything of fix any issue. Than submit order.


I keep having to tell people who complain about reviews that it is about the buyer’s experience, not yours. It is about how they felt. And, 4.7 isn’t bad, that’s good, don’t worry!

There are a few syntax mistakes in your post, so that could be why the communication lost that one star. Just a suggestion.

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Why would you do that?

You can’t do things like that and then be surprised a buyer didn’t review you fairly.

And maybe it was fair. Just because you did a lot of work that doesn’t mean it was high quality or what the buyer wanted.

Honestly, it’s silly if 4.7 makes you “very sad”. It’s the nature of being in a marketplace.


4.7 is a great review! Think about it like this:

If you got 4.7 out of 5 for an exam, you would have received a 94% score! That’s brilliant!

Dont beat yourself about it. Like everyone says, It’s great! And you will have many more clients with 5.0 ratings :slight_smile:

You’re overreacting.

4.7 could be left by accident. 4.7 could signify that everything was great but not perfect. Some buyers never leave 5.0 reviews on principle.


I had a client do that to me too recently… on communication with seller He gave me 4.3… the communication failure was not on my side, I tried sending him messages but they were not going through… fiverr inbox was having a problem. He choose a 2 days delivery package but I delivered in 5hrs. Sometimes clients should be considerate. I don’t like when somebody drops my rating for something I didn’t do.