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I am very sad today received 1st negative feedback after 60 successful sales... :(


Today after 13 days of delivering my gig and 10 days after auto completion my buyer left a negative feedback. I asked him to contact me if he need any modifications but he was silent for more than 10 days and now suddenly left a negative feedback. I usually put my best effort on gigs and do modifications again and again until buyer get satisfy. What happened today is very sad thing for me :((


Have to tried to contact the buyer? Send message to him, try to communicate. Offer him mod or refund or something valuable to him.


I did but he may wait 10 days again to respond then clearance period will over and will reduce my sales

Thanx for the reply


customer support will not do anything, they will just say contact the buyer.

bachas85 said: If you have founded, factual reasons to say it's an unfair negative review, for ex he states something you DON'T offer on your gig, and the feedback is based on that, they WILL help. If you can't prove your point, they'll tell you to figure it out with the buyer.
Nah, I just think girls get treated better than us guys. :P


Last. I’ve refunded the buyer and got my ratings back :



Nice to hear… keep up the good work in providing quality work to your buyers.


I am sorry to hear that! But you cant be a 100 % right?

we all have those buyers that are hard to handle, or offdays.

Sending blessings your way!