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I am very sorry


I am very sorry Fiverr Support and I deeply apologize for my behavior on this website. I will not try to message you regarding my issue with the buyer. I will refrain from sending any further requests. Thank you and I appreciate all of the work you have done for this site.


What’s happened to your account?


I second that, what happened?

I have visited your account only a few minutes ago, and everything looked fine!


Oh, no! :astonished:

Refreshing page, this can’t be true.


You guys my sister opened up a Fiverr account recently, I just told her to close her account. She was not selling anything, Could be the issue. Messaged Support.


Have faith Jenny. :pray:

And in the mean time tell Fiverr:


I even told my sister not to open an account at my house ugh. Kids these days are so stupid. She doesn’t even need to buy anything - she’s 13 and doesn’t even have a credit card so what is she doing on this site smh.


I think it can also stem from asking Fiverr to modify feedback one TOO many times Jenny.


Maybe it’s a temp suspension. Fiverr has been forgiving in numerous incidences in the past. :slight_smile:


I stopped emailing them about it. I think it had to do with my sister[quote=“nikavoice, post:9, topic:112135”]
Maybe it’s a temp suspension. Fiverr has been forgiving in numerous incidences in the past. :slight_smile:

I hope so, after this topic I’m just going to stop messaging support about the review stuff. I’m over it. Emmaki’s been suspended like 800 times, I hope it’s temporary LOL
How do I know if I am temporarily restricted?


Just an update I got an email saying it was TEMPORARILY disabled, thank god.


So you gonna keep your pawmis Jenny? :wink:
(no more buggin Support) lol


Yes I promise :grin:


I have? Someone could have told me!

You should go and give your sister a Chinese burn. It’s only fair.


I guess you just survived a mini heart attack.


I can’t believe my sister made an account UGH! Has anyone ever experienced this? Did you ever get your account unrestricted? It’s not my fault that my immature sibling did this without my permission.


Thank God I live alone. (I am sure you will get your account back, don’t worry.)


Can someone please help me? I can’t really get my account closed because of my sibling, can I?


Well damn, I for one know how it can get weird. :stuck_out_tongue: (wont go into details)


If you explain the situation honestly and clearly, it SHOULD be OK.

I am aware that if you say “Hey, it’s my sister’s fault, not mine, I told her not to do it but she didn’t listen!!!” it does sound like you are pointing her finger at her, but if that is the truth, the CS should know about it. Hopefully they will close your sister’s account and reopen yours soon.

Plus I’m sure CS members have ran into unnecessary problems because of their younger siblings, I’m sure they will understand.