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I am very sorry


Really feel sorry this happened, but like you we are helpless. All hopes are on customer support. We have all done stupid and hurtful things when young. Let this be a lesson for your sister.


Thank you, hope I get my account back from this misunderstanding. I am very sad. I am never having kids lol :disappointed:


Did you get any new Update from Fiverr CS?
These days fiverr is doing weird things, it’s now too often to hear weird type of cases, bugs, etc.
I am 100% sure you will get your account back. Well fiverr clearly said that each individual can open up to 1 account in the same IP address. Then literally i don’t know why they did that to you. Everything will be alright!
Contact PewDiePie . :innocent:


What did you say to them? Did you bother them?


Of course not! @psychicbunny was just taunting.


Not at all. We are 3 people working on fiverr from home. Dad, me and bro. Its not against TOS.
I have an official reply of CS regarding that. Check this thread.


@psychicbunny I hope you will get it back soon…

me & and my wife both are using fiverr account at my home with same internet connection in one city, then me & my roommate also using fiverr account with same internet connection in a different city where I do work… and we all 3 have different devices…


I haven’t heard anything yet. The stress is killing me :confounded:


I don’t think you will hear anything back this weekend. Just be patient and stay calm and wait it out. I know it’s frustrating but there is nothing you can do right now.


lucky you are. :slight_smile:


I think it is because of same IP address.


This happen to me once. Not because of a thing like this. I don’t even know the reason. CS blocked my account. After couple of messages to CS they unblocked it.

Hope your account will be back alive soon! Have faith


What did you say to them?


Or it could be because of the site cookie(s). 2 or 3 different machines (or more) could share the same IP address at the same time (eg. all on a home network. And the same IP address could get used by many different people at a later time as it gets re-assigned by the internet provider) but the site cookies would tell it you were using multiple Fiverr accounts on a single device (eg. the same PC/laptop etc.) - it could store in the cookie(s) the user name you last logged in as (and I’m assuming if you had different windows accounts set up on that machine - one for each different person using it - that it would use different cookies per windows account) - but like I said, this should still be okay as long as the terms and conditions are followed.


You are correct !! :relaxed:


I don’t know if this would be over the two accounts or not unless Fiverr said something about it. It makes me wonder about the buyer that wanted their review removed and what they said to CS. I am guessing that’s what psychicbunny meant by the OP here, that she wasn’t going to contact CS anymore about that issue and that she just wanted her account restored. I don’t really know but I think annai80 might be right that they won’t do anything during the weekend.


Why not during the weekend?

I got this email:


Your account has been disabled for violations to our Terms of Service. Users are limited to one active account. Any additional account determined to be created to circumvent guidelines, promote competitive advantages, or mislead the Fiverr community will be disabled. Mass account creation may result in disabling of all related accounts. Any violations to Fiverr’s Terms of Service is also cause for permanent suspension of all accounts.

Thanks for understanding .

I did NOT create a new account! I did not do any of this :tired_face:


Hmmm, well, that does seem specific. Beats me! I think they have a skeleton crew on the weekends and fewer supervisors around. I’ve always had slower responses on serious issues (when it’s Trust and Safety instead of just CS) on the weekend. Maybe that just means they get tired of me on weekends though. :smiley:


Do you think they will re-instate my account? What can I do to prove to them that I did not make a new account? It is driving me crazy! My account is not banned, but temporarily disabled. It said to email them, and they would re-instate it


Can you prove that you have a sister living at the same place, any documents that would show that? That, plus a mail from your sister that she did open that account, may help.