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.I am very upset and disappointed because of no order from a long time

Hi,I 'm Aneela Shah.Someone please tell me positive way to improve my selling.Thank You for readers I am waiting to read from your what’s the way i should have to choose.


There are millions of topics in Tips for seller regarding how to improve your sales.


check your gigs… :slight_smile:

It would be wise not to expect things for free. What kind of hard work are you doing to promote your gigs to the people that need the services that you offer?

Here are few helpful posts. Pour yourself a cup of :tea: or :coffee:!

UPYOUR series :anchor:


I am a Logo Designer

But that is not helping me I follow that already Can you please guide me any one strong way to get sales?

That’s great. Good luck as you work to build your logo designer brand!

Thank You God Bless I am upset have no order=no money this month from fiverr

What steps are you taking to improve this situation? Complaining is not a productive step towards fixing things. I sympathize with your lack of sales right now, but you always have the ability to fix this – so long as you’re willing to work towards a solution.

And I’ve already encouraged you to take a step toward improving your lack of sales.

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What are the steps you take?Can you share with me?

Oh, no, no, no… I’m not going to give you a step-by-step manual to becoming a successful seller. You’re going to have to figure out how to do that on you own – and you’re going to have to research and figure out what works for you. There is no easy road to success. Once you stop trying to find one, then you’ll be ready to start blazing your own trail towards the hard-earned success that only YOU can achieve.

For starters, figure out who your target customers are. This is the most important first step. You gotta know who your customers are. Then do some research to determine where those customers are located. Then brainstorm creative ways to reach out to those customers wherever they can be found.

This will require hard, dedicated, determined work.

If you don’t want to do this work, then you’re probably not going to find much success.

Success – sales – are not, nor will they ever be, easy to attain. Don’t expect things… be willing to work for them.

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All I have to say, is I’m new here as well. But to get somewhere is definitely hard work. I’v been on YouTube for three years now and have 108 Subs, which is not a lot. But it still took a lot of work to get there. So work hard and you will get what you want in return!