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I am very, very surprised

Over what Ted Cruz did…not endorsing Trump at the Convention…probably hurt himself more than Trump. His political career is over at 43. Sad.

I think I said a couple of days back here that anger, emotions, ego and pride clouds one’s thinking, affects judgment.

You really like politics.

Lol…I hate it, but keep going back to it.

Ted Cruz isn’t thinking about what’s happening in 2016 - his attention is forward to 2020. He’s trying to position himself four years in advance for the next GOP nomination. He wants Trump supporters to remember him saying, “I told you so,” and think of him kindly in hindsight as the man they should have nominated in 2016.

You write about a lot of things. So you need to read about a lot of things too, including politics (there I just gave you another good reason why you read news about politics :stuck_out_tongue: ).