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I am very very Unmotivated

Hello, Fiverr Forum all person. Today I am feeling very unmotivated. I cannot get an order on fiver. I am working with Fiverr last 5 month but I don’t can get any order. How can I motivated myself Please suggest me. I am feeling very tired. I cannot think about anything.


Have you put forth more effort into your profile? Maybe share it here so people can give feedback.

Motivation is going to be the key to success. So the moment you’re unmotivated you’re hurting your business. Even if you haven’t had an order yet

Maybe you need to change some things around on your profile. Look at your competition and resort to changing your gigs and profile until it stands out more.

Make sure your gig images and videos are clean and informative for what kind of information or service you’re providing.

Share your gigs on social media’s. Even your local friends. This is your business start. You have to have the mindset to achieve. Don’t let your head get down in the dumps.


Look man don’t get demotivated if you’re not getting any orders , just keep trying. Try searching for some tips that’s might help you.
There are tons of tips on fiverr forum as well as youtube.

A friend of mine didn’t get any orders for 10 months but he kept trying and now a week ago he got his first order and complete it with a 5 star review.

So just keep sending offers to buyer’s requests and edit your gigs so that the impressions and clicks can improve.

Hope you get your first order soon.


HI Marshallmanuel, Can you check my profile and my gig please. If you will check my all gigs and profile I will be happy for that. If you will give me some feedback on my gig will more happy.
Profile link: sunilchandro | E-Commerce Development, WordPress | Fiverr

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Just do not demotivate! keep the momentum on!!! You will definitely Win


Thank You very much for your suggestion.

Thank you so much. Bro can u help me something? How can I Marketing my gig on social media whiteout spamming tracks please gig me so tricks for marketing my gig.

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I have written this in other threads but for your easy I’ll paste it here as well

I’ve joined fiverr in jan 2021, I don’t have much experience ,I have completed only 3 orders . But I can give you some tips that might help you:

You need to analyze your gig statistics:

  1. First if you’re not getting any impressions on your gig, try editing it a little by changing title and different key words(search tags). You’ll have to think as a buyer for this.

  2. Secondly if you’re having impressions but no clicks ,it means you need make the title and front picture of the gig more attractive as these are only things the buyer see before clicking (except reviews)

  3. Finally if you’re getting clicks as well but still no orders, this means you need to make description of the gig better, try making a gig video , try adding FAQs, or maybe changing prices might help.

I hope this helps you get your orders.

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Don’t be demotivated!!! Everything will come with time. Wait for the right time and try to increase your skill.


Thank you it’s very great.


Add screenshots of front pages of websites, which you have completed, in the profile section of your gigs. People like to see previous work.

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Thank you very much I also add that my one gig. But I use videos my all gig how to show my front page website on video?

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Yes, I see now! Sorry! I had not clicked on the actual gig.

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I’m not sure if this will help or not.

I don’t use Fiverr as a primary source of income.

Fiverr is one of many streams of freelance income I use.

I have a website that promotes my freelance business (I’ve been a full-time freelance writer since 2016, started in 2014).

I have been hired by more than one web ad agency through that and got a lot of clients through my website before I joined Fiverr.

I also offered my services at more than one freelance platform, although now I just use Fiverr.

What I am saying here is that you can make it as a full-time freelancer, but it will take time to get there.

It also means that you may have to look at other sources in addition to Fiverr to make that happen.

Good luck.


Thank you very much Looseink for your advice.


Don’t worry follow some instructions…

  1. Create low low competitor gig.
  2. Writing gig description unique and clearly.
  3. Share your gig in Social Media.
  4. Try to activate most of the time in Fiverr AND Fiverr Forum.
    Best of luck.

keep growing confidence in yourself and there is no reason to be demotivated as because this is the platform where you have to be dedicated and patience and success does not come without effort and hard work. research yourself that how you can be more attractive to your client and research on Fiverr strategy besides invest most portion of your time in Fiverr forum which will give you knowledge to research yourself and my final word would be research research and research.


I can feel your feelings. Competition is increasing day by day on marketplaces. Many people doesn’t get order. It is also true that some people are doing well.
So don’t be demotivated, stay positive.

You haven’t get any order yet… So delete your GIGS and create again those gigs with more research. As possible make the gig content SEO friendly with eye-catchy images. Also try to select best keyword.
I hope you will get order.


I saw your profile. Your pricing and packages are not so much good.
Add more pages in your package and increase little bit price.
Because some buyers do not believe that you can give good design at this price.

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Because I think this price is best because I am a new seller here. I think If I will offer with low budget they will give me many project and when I will start getting many order that time I will increase price. are you agree with me or not?