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I am waiting for buyer to respond

I complete the buyer project 15 hours ago but He not respond me what I do?


Just wait… and deliver on time. after delivered if he wants again revision so carefully do it again.

When, you do deliver so you should mention on the order page that (if you need any change i will help you just put revision)

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Hello @haroon_44,

Your buyer could ask for revision, in which case you do it. Also, your buyer could mark the order complete, if not, the order will auto-complete in three days.


Buyer not text me for revision when complete after 3 days than project complete without feedback :frowning_face:

I do the same which you tell me now but buyer neither text me for revisions nor mark as complete

It’s ok if your buyer doesn’t leave review - not all buyers do. It is their privilege to leave reviews.

Please, NEVER ask your buyers to leave reviews. You could get into serious trouble for doing it, being the least, getting a warning.


I text the buyer to give me review at the end of submitting project but buyer still not respond me :frowning_face:

NEVER do it again! You could get a warning, and that is a serious issue!

Leave your buyer alone to do as they want, whether it is to complete the order and/or leave you review.

Please read Fiverr’s TOS Fiverr’s Terms of Service

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I am having the same problem. The buyer requested a revision 19 hours ago but won’t answer any of my questions about she wants changed. I am really worried this will affect my ratings.

but my buyer not request me for any kind of changes. its shocking without rating its very bad impact on rating

Haroon, if you want, take my advice. If not, well… there’s nothing more I can do. It’s your account you’re risking.


If they continue not to respond the order will auto complete if they haven’t requested revisions. Unless they’re unreasonable, I can’t see them giving you a low rating unless your work was bad, as the lack of communication is their fault, not yours.

What should i do give me advice

The buyer orders, pays, you deliver. You get paid. The buyer owes you nothing more.

Read this: Asking for Reviews - This is what CS said

Best just to leave this and move on!


Yeah but buyer not request for revisions and not mark as complete

But without ratings its bad for me

@lloydsolutions and myself have already advised you. Please read our comments once more.


You just have to wait. There isn’t anything else you can do at this point. Don’t message the buyer until they respond to you and wait for the gig to autocomplete.

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its mean i wait for buyer response?

Yeah no any other alternate option to this :frowning: