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I am waiting for my first order on Fiverr and take test

I have created first gig on June 2020 since then my evaluation is going please suggest me how I will get job from fiverr, few days ago I created more one gig it is showed in draft and I will have to wait still 33 days to take test actually I don’t understand what is my fault and why I will have to wait and why I am not getting any job? I would be happy if you suggest me what should I have to do for getting job.

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You need more attractive thumbnails and better design in avoiding to put your profile picture on it everytime.
You have to attract people, gigs pictures are the problem.

hello peter, not getting order is not a fault or problem its a competition between all the seller for getting order you have to wait and follow the newbies guideline also you can use buyer request to the buyer it will take time