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I am waiting for you! :)

Hey guys! I am still waiting for you. You can go and order! :wink:
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You need to find better placement for your mic or buy separate mic since you can hear piano key hits in the sound and if you do not clean this up in post edit it could be problem for buyers. Your piano skills are excellent you just need to perfect the audio quality. maybe offer commercial jingles. Or youtube intro outro, or something. A lot of options.

Thank for commenting! I’ll try it!

Your skills are awesome, but I would recommend investing in an electric piano so that you get the PURE audio file, I can hear people in the background, and each individual key clacking, good luck!

(You would have to have a cable from your piano and recording software on your computer, but I would recommend doing some research)

These songs are all over videos as BG, you can create something like that that is loop-able and can be placed in BG of video and offer that.

Regarding the previous suggestion if you can not afford any investment now I would suggest you talk with people in your house to arrange some no talking or disturbing time so you can record. Your quality maybe wont be superb but there is no point in investing if you are not sure are you going to get sales and you do not like or need electronic piano. My daughter has electronic and she is begging me for ages to by grand and I could do it but we just have no room.

I have a digital piano and I can tell my family to keep quiet when I play the piano.

Oh man this reminds me of that Skyrim song… So much nostalgia