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I am want to know why the gig promotions option is not enable for my account?

hi Fiverr! I am want to know why the gig promotions option is not enabled for my account? so anyone tell me, what is the main reason, I am a level one seller and almost I have completed 30 orders, then why the promotion-gigs option is not enabled for my account.


Fiverr decides what gigs are eligible. If it’s based on certain requirements, I doubt anyone here knows what they are.


You are a new seller and have few reviews on your gig. this is the reason as i know. fiverr checks quality of your gig and profile before allow to advertise. like on my profile only 2gigs allowed to advertise.


so is there any way for enabling this option, means if we will contact with support.


you can just apply but fiverr will decide if you meets their requirements.

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how to apply
could you tell

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check Promoted Gigs link in fiverr menu.

not available rightnow

do more work and get more positive feedback to enable that menu.

ok thank
for you time

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Promotion eligibility is handpicked. Some level-1 has the option, but some level-2 doesn’t. I don’t know how they decide to give the opportunity.

Same for me also only 2

It is explained here: Launching Promoted Gigs

It is not for all.It Depends on fiverr choice.Wait and carry on completing order and get reviews :slight_smile:

I have done over 400 orders, and most of my reviews are 5 stars atleast 95%.
And my friends got even with 3x less order count first, and than i got it just few weeks ago.

I have gotten from spen 100 usd only 2 promoted gigs , so its not a big thing for me.