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I am worried about my sells & Level


I am worried about my selling because i can’t received an order to long time… I am regular online 12 hours or more sent custom offers in buyer request section but i have no order :frowning: What can i do…


I looked at your gigs. They look great. Keep your chin up. You do good work.


But I can’t receive order i am regular online here but not received orders :(:cry:
I am full time freelancer and also hard worker i have many skills but my time is not doing well…


You explained that Fiverr hasn’t sent sales your way. That still leaves your marketing and outside Fiverr freelance efforts still working for you. Right?


I am working only fiverr and i am a jobless person and work full time as a freelancer. Because i want o work with international level and for this reason i am very honest with fiverr & I loved fiverr but Maybe I’m not worth it.


Have you tried marketing outside Fiverr like @loganstover suggested?

I can see you do video editing - some videos on YT to promote your services perhaps - a few explainer videos to promote your other gigs? :wink:


But how i promote my gigs i am using only fiverr…


Exactly - They’re suggesting you use something to promote your fiverr @hafeez8888

Like @offlinehelpers said, try uploading videos to youtube showcasing your talent, with a link to your fiverr page.


@thingymajiggy - spot on! :sunny:

@hafeez8888 - you want to bring traffic from YT (or wherever else you choose to promote) to your gigs, or your own website, if you’ve got one, and then onto your gigs.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for suggestions.