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I am worried.. for my level two


Hi, How are you everybody?

Now I am worried for my level two… because already My total order cancellation 29 and complete 34 order…



Hey there,

keep working with your regular projects. that is the thing what i did here, you will get level 2 without getting any clue. i wish you the best !

Kind regards


ohh… Thank you so much…


You will most likely need to reduce your cancellation rate to attain level 2. Since you don’t even have enough orders to get level 2 yet, just try to focus on getting many more orders without any cancellations at all. That will gradually lower your cancellation rate while building up your order count. You’ll need 50 total orders within a 60 consecutive day period with no cancellations just to get started. You can get there eventually.

Why I'm not leveled up?

thank you so much…


Make things really clear on your gigs to ask what you do and do not do and repeat it a few times. You would be amazed at how many buyers do not read gigs properly I hope that helps you



@tarnia thank you so much