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I am yet to receive any order 😢😢😢


Please someone should review my gig, I don’t know what’s wrong,


From a quick view, it looks OK. I would try to improve on the design of your Gig’s Cover though.
On the other side, you need to check Buyers Request daily.

  1. Please change your gig pictures to more attractive.
  2. You can use buyer request section to get the order. Please send offers in everyday.
  3. Use social media to share your gig.


Yeah, the orders will come however you need to make an effort too - check buyers requests, promote your gigs on Twitter with relevant hashtags - #fiverr #gig and hashtag your services

Keep on trying!!


Thanks alot bro… So I just need a little improvement on my gig cover


I would say so.
Use your imagination and creativity, try creating something unique and a little more outside the standards.
Remember your Gigs will appear among many others when someone looks for Book Covers. It has to pop out!


Wow thanks alot…I never thought of that, you’re such darling …


Thanks bro…I will do exactly that


In your opinion do you think Corel draw is better than Photoshop for book cover design?


I prefer Photoshop, but just because I don’t have Corel :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I have Illustrator, though…