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I an the original game animation artist(character designer)

Hi everyone!I am a character (scene) original painting designer, and is a graphic designer, you need to design paintings can come to me.
I am very happy to join the Fiverr family. I have studied some excellent projects at Landor. Since I just joined Fiverr for some time, I decided to do a big promotion on all my Gigs,. Reduce the price of your service to the lowest. I hope you like it. My design service must exceed your value! I will give a 50% discount on all my Gigs, including basic, standard and premium packages. Give a 50% discount on all!The promotion lasts for 15 days from today to February 25.If you are not satisfied with my service, I am willing to give you a refund.
If you need to provide the material photos and the design you need, please let me know and I will install your request to design for you.

These are some of my works:

Poster design:
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:see_no_evil:hi :咧着嘴笑: