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I Applied for fiverr pro but no response from fiverr

I applied for fiverr pro two or three months ago,first I applied but no response from fiverr team,so i contacted customer support they told me it will take some time and i can apply again if i wants,so i applied again,but still no response,at least they should send a message telling please try again or something but no any response.but i saw there are many new pro sellers who joined fiverr a month or two ago,i applied two months ago.why is that why don’t they telling me whether my application approved or not?


Fiverr will send you an email notifying you if you haven’t been selected for the Pro badge, I myself received that email. It just takes time - in my case it took several months, ever since I applied.

If you don’t have patience and keep bothering CS about it, it will denote a lack of professionalism, and you will likely not be eligible for that badge - showing desperation will not help you :wink:

P.S. the pro sellers you see as “new” may have applied months and months ago, but they only got a new account after they have been accepted for Pro. Because even people who don’t have an account have applied to the Pro badge, so they got a new account after being accepted.


I don’t bothering for CS i only contacted them once,that’s why i posted it here because that’s why this forum is for,to discuss and solve our doubts and problems

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It can take months, it took about 5 months for them to reply to me.

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And did you get a positive reply? Just curios

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@rishidas He said he got an email telling him he was not accepted.


Is their response time improved now or it is still the same?

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Do you pay for the badge and if so how much??

They still haven’t reply to me

No moola involved.

Learn more here :anchor:


I wish we could nominate people for Pro. I would nominate someone on the forum whose name starts with N.


@misscrystal, your spelling is atrocious. My name clearly starts with C. Or ‘A’ if we are being informal. :slight_smile:


I agree. I can think of a good handful of great sellers that I would nominate as well.

And I would also suggest a few sellers that Fiverr should stay, far, far away from. :wink:


If that was directed at me, you are a very cheeky bar steward.

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I haven’t heard anything and I don’t even remember when I applied. I think it was in September?

Nope, you didn’t even cross my mind with that thought. I wasn’t referring to you. Although, I’ll be honest, I’m a little hurt that you think I was. :neutral_face:

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Same here I never got any reply for my fiver pro request! Should I apply again?

Yes, you you can improve your skills and apply again.

no point in apply again i applied twice no response from them

No. It takes a while for them to review everyone’s application. Give them time. Applying more times only makes you look desperate and unprofessional.

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